A Viking Funeral

Last time on My Crappy House, I framed and hung a piece of my grandma on my wall.

Ew, no! Not literally! What is wrong with you?

You scare me sometimes.

It makes me happy to have her work on display, though it is bittersweet. Having this mini afghan on my wall meant sacrificing the rest. While it’s true, much of it was damaged beyond repair, I had to do even more damage to keep this portion intact and, if I’m being honest, that did make me a little sad.

So, what to do with the remains? The whole point of the project was so I could let the rest go, but tossing it into the trash just felt all kinds of wrong. Somehow, burning it felt like a respectful solution. That’s how the Jedi do it. And, hey! Grandma was Norwegian. A Viking. What could be more appropriate than a Viking farewell?

It sort of felt like I was sending it back to her, in a way. Releasing its essence back into The Force

I know, right? I’m very nerdy deep. I’m like Yoda. But, thanks to grandma, I’m also Norwegian. So… does that make me like Rose?

No, we really don’t have a lot in common, Rose. I’ve never been to St. Olaf and I’ve never blown my own vertubenflugen. Maybe my grandma did. We’ll never know…

Well, this post has taken a turn…

OK, back to business. Please join me now in saying goodbye to grandma’s afghan.

I think the pictures are really beautiful. It was a perfect night and the afghan burned in minutes. I documented as much as I could, including some video.

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It would be better if I could have that Sarah McLachlan song playing, but I don’t know her and she’d probably be mad if I used her song without permission. Feel free to sing it while watching. You know the words. Here, I’ll sing it with you…

In the aaaaaarms oooooof the angel…. Fly awaaaaaaaaaaay from here…


I’m working on another little video to show you how I attached grandma’s afghan to the linen background for framing because a few of you asked me about that and, as a professional blogger, it’s my job to answer you. That’s why they pay me the big bucks! (Just kidding. There’s no “they” and I make no bucks.) I’ll have that up on Instagram shortly, so make sure you follow me. Also, please subscribe and like and share.

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  • Margaret A. Johnson

    U r 1 heck of a kooky writer and that’s what makes it so fun to read your blogs. Keep it going. Luv all of it.

  • Joan

    That had to be hard to do, but, as you said, throwing it in the trash just wouldn’t feel right. I think you found the perfect option. And, hey! I’m half Norwegian, myself! I thought Rose was supposed to be Swedish? I didn’t really watch Golden Girls so I’m not entirely sure. I have seen episodes, but I don’t recall if I ever heard them say on any of those that I saw.

    • My Crappy House

      I checked! Rose was Norwegian. My grandma was also half, so I guess that makes me a quarter. I’m a total mutt though – I’m everything!

      P.S. You are missing out by not watching the Golden Girls. That show has held up so well and is still hilarious!

  • Mom

    Even though I already knew what you did with the remaining quilt, seeing it really moved me ( almost to tears). My mom would have loved it. I know I did, thank you.

  • SZQ

    I’m sure Grandma was chuckling at the ceremonial burning of the afghan! Love that you could save part to cherish every time you look at it! Yeah, we have to let some stuff go – so your sendoff was appropriate for your grandma!

  • Gina R

    “I’m a like whore now” lol!!!
    I’ve actually done the same with things from my grandmas. Framed a few select pieces for our walls and integrated a few pieces as little tablecloths on our end tables or under lamps. Brings back some of that old world charm. Great job!

    • My Crappy House

      I agree! It’s nice to have those vintage touches around, especially if they have sentimental value.

  • Gretchen

    That’s cool. I have the remains of a crazy quilt that is beyond repair and I’ve thought of framing a couple sections. But haven’t had the nerve to destroy what’s left of the quilt to do it. This helps a little.

    • My Crappy House

      I think it’s much less traumatic when the item is beyond repair. It still sucks, but the end result is being able to see and appreciate the work on a daily basis. That made it easier to let it go.

    • Debbie

      I have a Christmas stocking made from the remains of a crazy quilt that Grandma made. I get to use it for a month every year, and it adds to the family spirit of the holiday. Just an idea for using yours if you have successfully procrastinated long enough to have still retained the quilt, but not done anything about it (I do know you posted your comment a year ago!)

  • Lisa

    That was really beautiful. Very appropriate and the sentiment was truly heartfelt. While it must have been difficult to let go of, you did preserve a part of it that will live on safely, that you can look at and smile at whenever you pass it by on the wall.

  • Marilyn

    I have to admit, I was a little disappointed……..the video……….I thought it was you singing…..but okay, the burning fire memorial was very pretty and so was your framed pice of LOVE! Great job. You know I LOVE you too.

  • Em

    That was way better than tossing in in the garbage, plus it kept you warm one last time!

    Also, the Golden Girls have gotten SO young looking!!! Yikes!

    • My Crappy House

      That’s true! It was a cozy fire.

      And I KNOW! Rue McClanahan was only 51 when the Golden Girls started. That makes me so uncomfortable.

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