A DIY Love Story: Installing a Towel Hook For My Honey

Imagine If You Will

Imagine you’re in the shower. No, no. Don’t look down. Just close your eyes. Ahh. A nice, relaxing, hot shower. Soooo nice. Let your mind wander… Contemplate your place in the universe and why you exist on Earth and what happens when we die and why Paul Rudd hasn’t aged in 25 years and… Whoa. Okay, you’ve spent way too much time in there. You’re getting all pruney. Time to get out. You turn the water off, reach for your towel and…

Towel hanging on bathroom door so far away

Similar Over the Door Hook | The Best Hair Towel Ever | Similar Towel Bar | Nightlight | Toilet Paper Stand

NOOO! Your towel is hanging on the back of the bathroom door, like, a freaking mile away! Dammit! Now, you’ve got to run across the bathroom, soaking wet and naked, grab your towel, then run back to the tub so you can dry yourself off. Instead of feeling all warm and relaxed, now you’re all cold and cranky. Now you’ll probably go to work and be mean to everybody.

Especially Toby in human resources.

You Need a Towel Hook

This only happened to me one time before I installed a towel hook right next to my shower. This pretty one.

Years went by. Me and my hook. Just the two of us. (Building castles in the sky?) The trauma of the cold, naked, towel run eventually became a distant memory.

My towel hanging on a towel hook

Towel Hook | Similar Towel Bar

Then Schmoopy moved in. Guys, I didn’t even think about a hook for him. I let him hang his towel on the back of the bathroom door and never gave it a second thought. He never complained. We’re very different in that respect.

Far Away Towel Hook on bathroom door

Similar Over the Door Hook | The Best Hair Towel Ever | Similar Towel Bar

The Injury

When one ruptures their Achilles tendon, life gets very challenging. Sleeping becomes difficult. Walking becomes impossible.  Showering becomes a terrifying, death-defying nightmare.

When Schmoopy injured himself a few months ago, I voluntarily gave up my towel hook for the sake of his safety. What if he forgot his towel and fell whilst climbing out of the slippery tub and hopping across the glazed tile floor and cracked his head open on the corner of the cultured marble vanity and died? I gave up my towel hook to save his life. (I’m nothing if not selfish.)

(No, wait. Selfless, I mean.)

I went back to hanging my towel on the back of the bathroom door. Mostly, I would remember to fold my towel on the toilet lid so I could easily grab it after my shower.


Towel hanging so far away

Similar Over the Door Hook | The Best Hair Towel Ever | Similar Towel Bar

I couldn’t wait to get my freaking towel hook back. Three months later, things were finally able to go back to normal, but the trauma of the cold, naked, towel run was no longer a distant memory for me. It was recent. It was fresh. So many naked towel runs in those three months… I was soo happy to get my hook back, but I knew I couldn’t let my Schmoopy suffer like I had, because there’s literally nothing worse than a naked towel run.

OK, a torn Achilles is maybe worse.

Probably some other things too.

I Hooked Him Up

Love is all about the little things. What better time than Valentine’s Day to show my honey how much I care and surprise him with his very own towel hook? I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to find the same one, since I’d bought mine so long ago, but I did!

Franklin Brass Crestfield Towel Hook

Towel Hook

Installation was very easy. I mean, it’s a freaking hook. On the DIY Difficulty Scale, this project is, like, less than a one. It’s a point one. Here’s your supply list:

  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • 3/16″ Bit
  • Hammer
  • Phillips Screwdriver

That’s it. The hook comes with everything else you need.

Hook installation parts

Towel Hook

Just figure out where you want to put it and use your pencil to mark through the holes on the mounting plate. You can use a level if you want, but I just eyeballed it. I’m a maverick.

Marking spot for hook mounting plate

Now drill pilot holes with your 3/16″ drill bit. (Use a 1/16″ bit if you’re able to catch a stud. I was not.) Then tap in the plastic wall anchors that come with the kit. (Or skip that step if you found a stud.) (Lucky you, but seriously… Nobody likes a bragger.)

Hammering in wall anchors

Now screw on the mounting plate.

Hook mounting plate

The back of the hook has little extrusions that will grab onto that plate.

Inside of hook

So, now you just need to hold the hook over the mounting plate, tighten the set screw on the bottom using the provided allen key, and you’re done.

tightening allen key on towel hook

Towel Hook

This project should take you all of fifteen minutes to do. Fifteen minutes of your time for this reaction:

My honey's new towel hook

Towel Hook | Toilet Paper Stand

He’s so happy!

I had to hang his towel hook higher to clear our toilet paper stand. Plus, he’s taller, so… his towel should be higher, I guess? I don’t know.

Anyway, I actually like how it looks, being staggered. I really enjoy asymmetry.

Two towels on hooks hanging in the bathroom

Towel Hook | Similar Towel Bar | Toilet Paper Stand

This is what two towels in love look like.

Two towels in love holding hands

Towel Hook | Toilet Paper Stand

Hey, did you know that today, February 15, is Singles Awareness Day? I was single for a long, long (long) time and I never knew a special day existed for me to be aware of myself. I guess I missed out on a lot of gifts from me to me over the years. I’m thinking I should probably make it up to me and buy myself a lot of pretty things. How else will I know how much I appreciate me?

Anyway, whether you’re single or not, I hope you’re feeling the love. Because, when you really think about it, all you need is love. Love is all you need.

I just made that up.

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  • Katherine Davies

    You’re so selfish! (selfLESS, I mean). ?
    I’ve been looking for hooks like that and also the toilet paper stand for ages here in France. The only stand I’ve found so far is beautiful bud badly overpriced at €128. ?
    Love your sparkling wit – always cheers me up.

    • My Crappy House

      Aww, that sucks! I would think FRANCE would be all about the fancy, stand alone T.P. holders… That’s an INSANE price. C’est quoi ce bordel! (I used Google to translate WTF for me… I don’t speak French. Please forgive me if Google has a potty mouth…)

      I’ve never been to France. Do you have big box stores there? I feel like Target and WalMart would be out of place, but on the off chance that those stores have managed to spoil the French countryside, you might find a TP stand there.

      Thanks for appreciating my wit.

    • My Crappy House

      Thanks! Honestly, it would’ve been hard to get the perfectly even without removing the other hook, so this worked out. And I really do love asymmetry… I’m a little off balance

    • My Crappy House

      Haha we know all about bridezillas, don’t we… Yes, I never want to be one of those! I like taking care of my Schmoo

  • Barbara H.

    Your sparkling wit made the day – and the post. Particularly liked the towels in love portrait and the new knowledge of Singles Awareness Day. Thank you. So glad the Achilles tendon trauma is in the past.

    • My Crappy House

      Thank you! I especially liked creating that photo. Schmoopy asked me how I made the towels hold hands and I told him that I didn’t. I just found them like that. He was creeped out for a bit

      I wouldn’t wish an Achilles rupture on anyone! It was awful! I’m so glad he’s better too. Thank you

    • Anita Cain

      We just came out of a dark time because my son was very ill with covid 19 virus. I read your post today and it’s the first time I’ve laughed in weeks. Thankyou.

    • My Crappy House

      Oh, it’s my pleasure! Your comment just made my day. I’m so sorry to hear about your son. I hope he’s feeling better and you all can look forward to brighter days ahead.

  • em

    Gosh I just enjoyed every word of this lovingly crafted post. You DO have a gift! And apparently, you ARE a gift as well…your thoughtfulness to the Schmooper!

    As someone who has not had an Achilles injury, I do instead know first hand the risks of a wet bathroom floor. And four years and one healed broken knee later, I can attest to the thoughtfulness and foresight of your towel hanging selfLESSness.

    I am on team asymmetrical. Sometimes the stars (and the tissue holder) align as they should.

    Well done, my clever, thoughtful and amusing compadre!

    • My Crappy House

      Oh, my! I don’t like the sound of a broken knee at all! Just imagining that is making me wince. I’m sure that rivals the ruptured Achilles on the pain and disability scales… Excellent incentive to avoid wet bathroom floors at all costs! Mobility rocks.

      Thank you for your kind words. You’re very nice to me.

  • Mom

    I can’t believe it took you so long to give the guy a hook. I’m surprised he’s still with you. Who raised you. Oh yeah……well, why didn’t he put up his own hook?

  • Julia

    Ok, my eyes are bad or maybe I am just visually challenged when it comes to identifying graphic design or then maybe you are just weird. I’m hoping the last choice is true. Are those skulls on you hand towels? God I hope so because it lets my eyes off the hook and makes you the person I admire most.

    • My Crappy House

      Oh, Julia. Your eyes do not deceive you! I am weird and those are skulls on my hand towels. I bought them at Target during Halloween years ago and they’ve had a permanent home in my bathroom ever since.

      I did try to source them for this post, but I couldn’t find any that were similarly awesome. I’m working on getting my Aunt Teena to add them to her repertoire, as she is an amazing sewist and embroidery is her specialty. If she’s able to offer them for sale, I will update this post with a link.

  • bella

    I love your bathroom, and I love the idea of the hooks, and hung them in our bathroom only because we had no room for towel bars. What I learned… “hooks don’t dry”, man. Towel stays moist. Did I say moist? I know some folks have a problem with that word. I, do not. Though, I do have a problem with a towel that stays….moist.

    • My Crappy House

      Oh, no! I hadn’t thought of that possibility. Our towels hang above a radiator, so they’re always dry by the next shower. I would also have a problem with a… damp towel. Dewy? Clammy? Wettish? There really aren’t any good words for the phenomenon…

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