My Favorite Things 2015

It’s finally here! My 3rd annual Favorite Things post! It’s the post that you don’t look forward to all year where I share the things I liked best in 2015…

Yes, of course I know you’d prefer a post about my slate tile floor, but that’s not done yet, so you’ll just have to be satisfied with this narcissistic post that’s all about things that I love. I mean, it’s a tradition now, so suck it up and keep reading. (Or you can skip to the bottom of this crappy post where I tell you what’s in store for 2016, but you probably won’t feel very good about yourself…)

Favorite Thing #1

My Sexy New Sofa

I am so so happy with my new sofa! OK, yes, the legs are ugly, but the color is perfect. The shape is perfect. And, so far, the fabric is totally uninteresting to a certain feline who has a history of substituting my furniture for his scratching post…

Favorite Thing #2

The Hoover Windtunnel

Speaking of my feline, he’s furry and he sheds. (Yes, it’s a pain, but I’ll take my shedding fur baby over anyone’s drooling, crying, pants-pooping regular baby any day…) I’ve had this vacuum now for several years and it totally sucks! (Which, really, is what you want in a vacuum…) It’s got a built in attachment that helps me keep my sexy sofa fur-free. Also, as you might imagine, living in the renovation zone for the last few years, my place is a freaking mess. I have a shop vac, but I use this regular vacuum to suck up stuff I probably shouldn’t and it never complains.

Favorite Thing #3

Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Bars

Everyone knows that chocolate, derived from the cocoa bean, is a vegetable (Yuh huh. Cocoa bean. Beans are legumes and legumes are vegetables. My logic is sound.) and that vegetables are necessary for a well balanced diet. Chocolate is definitely the best tasting vegetable, but it’s also pretty high in calories. Weird, right? I like these Skinny Cow bars because they taste really good and they’re only 130 calories. As long as you eat only one of them. Which I usually do.

Favorite Thing #4

The Piano

My piano love didn’t begin in 2015, (I’ve always loved the piano…) but 2015 was the year that I officially began taking lessons. I’m enjoying them immensely! And I think they’re going really well. Here’s a sample of my musical genius:


Do you recognize it? It’s the theme song for the next Favorite Thing on my list…

Favorite Thing #5

Game of Thrones

People have been praising this show for years, but I was too poor to have HBO. Actually, I’m still too poor to have HBO, but I hate being out of the loop, so I made friends with some wealthy people and then power watched every episode. (I refuse to call it binge watching. That sounds so negative.) I was only a few episodes away from catching up to everyone else when the unthinkable happened…

Chris. Freaking. Hardwick.

Last year’s celebrity crush, Chris Hardwick, and I broke up. Before I tell you who my new man is, I wanted to share the details of how my fictional relationship ended with last year’s fake celebrity boyfriend. (You know… for closure…) If you follow me on Twitter (I can’t imagine why you would. I never Tweet.), then you may have seen the drama unfold:

Twitter conversation Chris Hardwick

He totally ruined the last episode of Game of Thrones for me! And, as you can see, he was completely unapologetic about it, so I dumped him like the spoiler flinging jerk face that he is and moved on to…

Favorite Thing #6

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

ROWR! I don’t usually go for older men, but…

Yes, I know. You’re here to read about my crappy house and I’m spending entirely too much time writing about nonsense, but…

That’s me in the background.

(No, of course not really.)

You may know him from Grey’s Anatomy or P.S. I Love You or, most recently, The Good Wife (great show, btw), but he will soon be taking on a major, bad ass role in The Walking Dead. I don’t know how I feel about him playing a bad guy, but I am looking forward to the first Talking Dead episode that he appears on with my ex-fake boyfriend, (and host of Talking Dead) Chris “Spoiler Flinging Jerk Face” Hardwick. Awkward… (OK, well, it would be if they knew about our love triangle…)

Favorite Thing #7

Zenni Optical

2015 was the year I decided to try buying my glasses online. There are a bunch of sites that sell glasses, but Zenni is my favorite. They’re so affordable! And they’re one of the only sites where you can upload your photo to try them on before you buy them. I’ve already purchased 5 pair and I see no reason to stop adding to my collection. It’s like being addicted to shoes… But for your face…

Favorite thing #8

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


When the first trailer for The Force Awakens was released, I actually got emotional. Like, my vision got a little blurry through actual tears. Over a movie! That’s how insane I am when it comes to Star Wars! I know I’m not unique in loving Star Wars, but I actually got to see the new sequel in a unique way.

I was lucky enough to be invited to an advance screening at the famous Zeigfeld Theater in NYC. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience there with other insane fans clapping and cheering at the screen. (Cheering at the TV when football is on is still stupid. This was totally different…) The movie did not disappoint. Star Wars is back on track! What prequels?…

Favorite Thing #9


My baby boy has a permanent place on my Favorite Things list because he’s just so freaking cute! I know you agree with me, so there’s really nothing else to say here.

Start here if you opted to scroll past my list of irrelevant, yet highly personal favorite things. I understand if you don’t want to know me on the inside. I’m just a crappy house to you. I see how it is…

I feel pretty good about what I’ve accomplished in 2015. (For instance, that guilt trip right there was decent.) I didn’t quite make it to the wood floor, but I’m super close. I half finished my dining room floor, which you will see completed in January. (Spoiler alert: It’s looking absolutely awesome. And I am absolutely awesome.) I have 3 major projects that I want to complete in 2016, in this order:

  1. Siding the house, which will include painting the front. Yes, I have colors in mind. No, I will not tell you what they are. (Neener.)
  2. Installing my wood floor. I will probably do this in two stages: I’ll install the floor, but wait to stain and seal it until my kitchen cabinets are ready to go in.
  3. My kitchen! I don’t want to be screwing around with a laundry sink and folding tables on my brand new wood floor. Once my floor is finished, I want a real kitchen, dammit.

So, that’s the plan. 2016 is going to be a good year. An amazing, life changing year. A kitchen year. I feel it… Happy New Year, peeps!

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  • Lorraine

    I first saw Jeffrey on Extant with Hally Berry. His character on the Good Wife is very similar. Very handsome guy! We saw Star Wars on C-Eve and it was terrific! How exciting to have an advance screening with all those hyped up fans. Must have given you chills when the opening credits started. My daughter is 20 and a huge SW fan. It’s the first time she got to see a SW movie in a theater. She can’t wait to see it again. And I can’t wait to see your new floor! Happy New Year!

    • My Crappy House

      I first saw JDM in P.S. I Love You, but I took notice of him on The Good Wife. He’s so charming! Now I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and I just LOVE him! I’ll have to watch Extant for sure.

      When the first note of the Star Wars soundtrack began and the yellow type started scrolling in space, the whole theater erupted. It was awesome! I’m definitely going to see it again! Happy New Year!

  • Sharon Turner

    Can soooooo understand your Jeffrey fascination (oh, you stalker you!), but I will share mine with you if you promise to finish your floor sometime in the near future. GERARD BUTLER …. omigod!! I have just watched the DVD of “Olympus Has Fallen” for the umpteenth time, and I have a major crush on this gorgeous Scotsman. Another example of how these Brits and Scots do an American accent so well. How do they do that? Hope your New Year brings only good things, and many, many of them!

    • My Crappy House

      Oh, HE’S in P.S. I Love You also! Very hot. Much agreement. I need to watch that movie again because I wasn’t acquainted with my fake boyfriend at the time. Jeffrey is from Seattle and, if I remember correctly, did a pretty spot on Irish accent… I need to go to Ireland.

  • penny

    just thought i’d let you know jeffrey dean morgan was in a movie with hilary swank…”the resident”….he is a hottie, but creepy in this movie!!! btw, i love your newsletter and love what you’ve done with your house…can’t wait to see the kitchen!!! oh, i used to live in ronkonkama….not sure the spelling is right….i live in upstate ny now…would rather be down there!!! keep up the good work….

    • My Crappy House

      I’m going to have to watch all of his films now. I’m scared to see him on The Walking Dead. He’s supposed to be playing the baddest character ever… And that show has had some bad, bad characters… I’m sure he’ll do a good job. I just hope he doesn’t do TOO good of a job…

      Long Island is so crowded now. Update is probably better!

  • Katherine

    You’re right. You ARE awesome. I do live your sofa, and Egor, etc, but I am especially impressed by your piano prowess after only a few montgs lessons…please help keep my hope alive and tell me you’ve actually been playing longer than that…..( I still plan on starting before I turn 60, which doesn’t keave me much time:-).

  • Alison G

    Thank you for posting the info about glasses. I will definitely be looking into it. Anything hard about ordering? Have you had any problems with the prescription? Did the first pair you ordered work out or did it take practice with getting it right?

    And of course Egor made the list!

    • My Crappy House

      Ordering from Zenni was super easy. I did make a mistake ordering my first pair too small (I have a small head so I thought I could get away with a kids pair), but they took them back (even though it was my fault) and gave me store credit. Great customer service! One thing you need from your doctor, besides your prescription, is your PD (pupillary distance). Other than that, no surprises. You will be amazed at how much less they cost online. I recently got 3 pair for $75, including tax and shipping. Where else can you get prescription glasses for $25 a pair!? Good luck!

    • My Crappy House

      I know! They were having a sale – buy two, get one free. Definitely sign up for their email list so you get the sale notifications.

  • Ellen (Scribbler)

    I wish you posted more often because you are such a breath of fresh air! You always make me laugh. I really admire your hard work and chutzpah, especially the way you tackle projects that are not for the faint of heart. Your piano playing is extremely good for a first year student, so you must be really committed to learning. I have to admit I share your secret love for JDM — probably because he looks a lot like my husband! Come visit my blog sometime — you will see that we are a lot alike.

    • My Crappy House

      Why can’t I find a husband who looks like JDM?

      I wouldn’t call myself a beginner, as I’ve been messing around on the piano my whole life, but now I’m officially taking lessons, so hopefully I can make some real progress.

      I will definitely check out your blog! Happy New Year!

  • Linda V.

    I love reading your posts, you are very entertaining!
    I wish I had the ambition with my house that you have with yours. You are doing a fabulous job.
    I will definitely try ordering glasses from Zenni, thanks for that info.
    Happy New Year to you and Egor (and Jeffrey)!

    • My Crappy House

      Thank You! You won’t be disappointed with Zenni. It’s so much more fun shopping for glasses when they don’t cost a fortune! Happy New Year!

  • Jill Hand

    I applaud your taste and energy level. My! I’m tired just by reading about all the home-improvement projects you tackle!
    I agree with all your goals except the one about the kitchen. Kitchens are overrated. If you have a functioning one you’ll have to use it to do more heat up Chinese takeout and make microwave pizza. I say let it go and concentrate on installing a rock-climbing wall, or a quoits court.

    • My Crappy House

      Haha you overestimate my susceptibility to guilt! I won’t feel bad at all neglecting a fancy stove! I’ll use it for my tea kettle. And… HELLO! Dish washer!!!

  • Christine

    Thank you for this year’s list! I always enjoy these posts because you don’t bother with pretense of being 100% perfect 100% of the time – and your results are great We, too, have an old plywood floor in the living room (and no baseboard or door trim anymore, and bare plaster walls) – salmon colored wallpaper and nasty carpet Had-To-Go before we’re stuck inside for the winter!! I painted the floor a “very classy” (not) gloss dark brown, because it’s going to be that way for a loooong time. Thanks for reminding me that we’re not the only ones who make special accommodations for our pets (2 dogs) and who don’t live like “normal people” – haha whatever that means!

    Agreed – Star Wars (3D!!!!!!) was super cool. JDM is definitely up there in awesomeness, too. Happy new year!!

    • My Crappy House

      Happy New Year! I think there are a lot of us who are mid project for whatever reason ($$$$$ for me…) we are not alone! I bet your dark brown floor looks good for what it is!

  • Amy

    Add psychic to your list of accomplishments! Just got my hair cut yesterday and was thinking, ugh, my glasses don’t really work with the new style….but less than a year old and almost three hundred dollars so…I felt like it was crazy to get new ones. And then I read your blog today and like magic!!! I can now pick new ones, maybe a few! And since I’m like blind without my glasses trying on new ones is hard because I can’t really tell how they look…so loving the idea of “trying” them on in a photo! Yay! Thanks for the info! Love your blog and your crazy ways!

    • My Crappy House

      Yay! Another friend of mine was saying the same thing about picking glasses. Her sight is so bad, she can’t see what she’s trying on. My prescription is for distance, so I never really thought about that! I’m so glad I could help

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