My Favorite Things 2017

Hello? Remember me? Is this thing on? Yeah, yeah, I know. 2017 has been a complete #blogfail, but I still love you guys. No, really, I do! It’s just that I have had the best time this year and, as “best times” are wont to do, it freaking flew right by! And whoosh! here we are, mere days away from 2018, another year gone with only, like, two (well, three now) blog posts to show for it! But whatever. How many blog posts did you write this year? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

Anyway, I wasn’t about to let tradition fall by the wayside… It’s my annual Favorite Things post! This one is number FIVE! Yes, 1, 2, 3, 4, FIVE! (Duh, I know you know how to count. I just put the links to all my past Favorite Things posts there for you. You’re welcome.) So, what’s been keeping me so busy this year?

Favorite Thing #1

My Schmoopy

I know. We’re adorable. He’s Schmoopy. I’m Schmoopy. (No, he’s Schmoopy.) Yep, we’re totally annoying and also ridiculously happy. Most of my time is spent with him now, so I pretty much kicked you guys to the curb. Sorry. But, for those of you who couldn’t care less about my personal happiness and well-being and only want to see me slave away on my crappy house and then write about it on this blog in my extraordinarily entertaining and hilarious prose, well… there is a bright spot for you selfish, selfish people. This year I managed to complete the backsplash in my kitchen (You haven’t seen it yet because I’ve been much too busy with Schmoopy to show you, but it’s so gorgeous!) and paint my living room trim dark (which also looks awesome and you’ll just have to take my word for it for now because… super busy, you know.) I promise to get around to showing you those projects (No, for reals. I promise.), but this is a favorite things post and I have more favorite things to share with you. Like…

Favorite Thing #2

The American Poolplayers Association

One of the best things I ever did for myself was join the APA. Sure, I enjoy pool and that part is super fun, but I can’t even tell you how many great people I’ve met because I joined this league 12 years ago. As adults, we don’t have many avenues to meet new people, aside from work, and maybe the gym if you’re one of those weirdos who talks to strangers at the gym. So if your coworkers suck and you’re not a gym weirdo, but you want to make some new friends, I highly recommend you check it out. (I linked it up there for you.) You don’t have to be good at pool. Like, at all! I’m not going to explain all of the details here, but people who suck at pool are actually highly desirable teammates. I know, sounds illogical. You’ll just have to trust me on that. It’s a numbers thing. Anyway, if you live in the US, Canada or Japan, I recommend you check it out. Meet some new people in 2018!

Incidentally, the APA is where I met Schmoopy. Just sayin.

Favorite Thing #3

This Underwood Typewriter

With the above mentioned APA, I traveled to Canada this past November with Schmoopy to play in a tournament at Niagara Falls. (See? The APA is really fun. I told you… I’ve also played pool in Vegas five times. Just sayin…) On the way back, we had some time to kill in Buffalo, NY before our flight, so we wandered around a mall. That’s where I saw it. This antique beauty. It was love at first sight, but it was also very sad because there was no way I could get it on the plane home. It was very heavy, so I knew shipping would be ridiculous. So, heartbroken, I left it there in Buffalo. Fast forward to Christmas and guess what was under my tree? The same exact typewriter! Schmoo had to jump through a bunch of hoops (it was actually a consignment shop that refused to ship anything), but he managed to reunite me with my beautiful Underwood. This one is a no. 4 model and I believe it was made in 1906. Nineteen o’six! How great is that??

Favorite Thing #4

Starbucks’ Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino

I’m not a huge coffee drinker (I like tea), but this concoction is delicious. I took to calling it Midnight Mocha Madness because “Midnight” just goes with “Madness” in my brain. One time, I ordered it with extra “Madness”. Said the Barista, “You mean whipped cream?” “Yes!” said I. Yes! to the madness that is whipped cream! Don’t hate me, but it’s off season so you can’t have one now. I’m a jerk. I’m hoping it’ll be back though. I first tasted it in May, so be on the look out this spring! If you follow me on Instagram, I’ll be sure to post a pic when (if) I find it again. And just in case they don’t bring it back, here’s a copycat recipe you can try.

Favorite Thing #5

Amazon Echo

I forgot to tell you that I now share my home with a disembodied voice that calls herself Alexa. She’s not much for conversation, but she plays music that I like, so that’s cool. She swears she’s not Skynet, so that probably means she is Skynet because if you were Skynet, you wouldn’t say you were Skynet. Anyway, Amazon is taking over the world and I think I’m not only OK with that, but maybe happy about it. This is probably the beginning of the end.

Favorite Thing #6

Crystal Light Berry Sangria

I hate water, but I love Aspartame. It’s probably shortening my lifespan, but I’m kind of between a rock and hard place here. They say drink lots of water to be healthy, but I hate water, so do I drink no water and die or do I drink lots of poison water and also die? Which death will come sooner? I’m banking on no water leading to a quicker death, so I’m going to keep drinking the poison. It’s very tasty!

Favorite Thing #7

Can Can

My God, do I hate that this fragrance has Paris Hilton’s face on it, but it smells so good! I’ve been wearing it for years now, but I got another bottle this Christmas from Schmoopy, so I was freshly reminded of how pretty it is. I wouldn’t say go and buy it because perfumes smell differently on everyone, but spray a test on yourself next time you see it in a store and see what you think. Ignore the Paris part.

Favorite Thing #8


Also known as cryptograms, I’ve been really enjoying these puzzles lately. The book above has a stupid cover, but the puzzles are fun. If you don’t know what a cryptogram is, it’s a quote, usually said by someone famous, that’s been encoded so that every letter represents a different letter. Like maybe it looks like this:

R N T T D     Q L S     D L N Y!

which would decode as:

H A P P Y     N E W     Y E A R!

Punctuation and patterns are clues when solving these puzzles. I like to pretend I’m an international spy when I work on them.

No, not really.

Favorite Thing #8


Every year, you know the deal. Egor is on my list of the best things in life. He brightens all of my days. Everyone should have a cat. Except for the people that don’t want a cat. They should not get a cat. Dark days for those catless dummies…

So that’s it for 2017! Three whole posts from me! WTF, right? I know. I went to China in April and I’ve been working on a post about that experience ever since. I took over 1,000 pictures, so it’s been rough to edit. And then, as I mentioned above, I finished my kitchen backsplash and painted the trim in my living room, so I need to show you guys those projects. I said back in 2016 I wanted that to be the year I put siding on my house. Not only didn’t that happen in 2016, but not in 2017 either. So, crossing my fingers for 2018.

I don’t want you guys to worry that Schmoopy will be taking over projects around here. He knows I’m fiercely independent and, while he’s very handy himself, he lets me do my thing on my own. I told him he can do whatever he wants with the outside. He actually likes yard work! Men are weird.

Here’s to no crappy lawn mowing in 2018! Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year, and a Schmoopy to mow your crappy lawn!

See you in June! (I kid!)


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  • LaFawne

    Actually, I posted TEN times on my blog! Heh…..Actually they were only recipes but a post is a post is a post.
    I am just happy to see something from you- and very happy that you are having a good year! Looking forward to more house fixer-upper type posts next year-

    • My Crappy House

      Recipe posts totally count. You are a way better blogger than I. If only I knew anything at all about cooking…

      Happy New Year!

  • Lorraine

    I’m so happy for you that you’ve got a Schmoopy to make you forget blogging. Although I’ve missed your posts, I’ve enjoyed your pics on instagram. I too am sure I will die early because I’m unable to drink plain water so I choose artificially sweetened lemonade as my poison. I won’t have AI in my house though. No Alexa for me. Too creepy. I’m a bit paranoid of smart electronics, so I taped over the camera lens on my computer and the one on my phone that faces me. (yeah, I don’t do selfies, lol). Egor is gorgeous as ever. Unlike me, he always looks great in selfies. Have a great new year and I look forward to seeing photos of your improvements and your trip to China.

    • My Crappy House

      Schmoopy wasn’t fond of Alexa when I brought her in, but he talked to her so much that he broke down and got one for himself. “They” listen to everything anyway. Big Brother is always watching… You have EVERY reason to be paranoid! I wish I could be 10% as photogenic as Egor. He’s so effortlessly handsome. It’s not fair. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

  • judy

    Hey girl-I actually forgot your existence(I’m very old) now I’m sad because I missed all the fun and laughs you provided.I am so happy for your year of things going well. Cause the rest of the World is in dubious decline what with the swamp swamping everything good and decent and according to the teachings of a certain person who proclaimed -do unto others……etc. Not so much with our present crowd of greedy basta*ds at the helm of our great Ship of State. Hope we can avoid icebergs ahead. came into this world with Hitler going out with ?????

    • My Crappy House

      Aww, we just have to live in our little bubbles! I try to stay away from the news. It’s almost always bad. I just focus on my family and friends and ignore the crappiness in the world outside of my bubble. I hope you can find happy things to focus on in your world. Happy New Year!

  • Margaret

    OMG you’re back. Haven’t heard from you in ages. Missed seeing you when I was in NY last year. Looking forward to see that crappy house in person. Give me a shout when you have some time on your hands. No house phone just the same cell #. Miss you and the blogs. Lots of Love M

  • C. Richard

    Well hello! Long time no . . . read. Your new post is a lovely after-Xmas present–you always inform AND tickle the hell out of me .

    I’m happy that you now have a HUMAN partner-in-crime to snuggle with you in your not so crappy house. (No offense, Egor.) Enjoy it.

    Thanks, also, for the APA referral; I can use a little more fun and friendship in my life.

    Take care, and please try to make the time to whip out another post before years end, Sugar. 2018 that is !

    Be happy and healthy,


    • My Crappy House

      Hi! I really hope you do check out the APA. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It totally changed my life for the better. I promise you you’ll love it! Egor is fond of Schmoopy, so we all snuggle together. I promise I will definitely post more in 2018! Happy New Year!

  • Barbara H.

    Glad you’ve had such a good year! I’d forgotten about your crappy house, so I had a moment of joy when I saw my Inbox. No, if I had a Schmoopy he could do the house work – I’ll never give up mowing the lawn. Happy New Year!

    • My Crappy House

      Haha you’re crazy! Yard work stinks! But Schmoopy is your kind of crazy because he loves it too. You weirdos… Happy New Year!

  • Marilyn

    Hi my friend! WOW, what a great way to end 2017, with a whimsical and happy post from YOU! I’m so happy YOU are so happy and I must say, since meeting your “schmoopy”, I don’t blame you in the least, he is indeed a great guy especially surprised how he tolerated my crazy family! I loved all your favorite things, especially EGOR, he’s a sweetheart. So, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and GET BUSY taking pictures of that back splash, I wanna see it! Much love, M

    • My Crappy House

      Your family is my family, so he needs to “tolerate” all of you! He loved you guys, so it was easy. I’m so happy I got to see you this year, though I wish under better circumstances. Maybe we’ll be able to work in a Long Island stop on your travels for 2018. I’d love for you to see My Crappy House in person! Happy New Year!

  • Jenny

    Cute Schmoopy! You should use him as a model, and take pics of him in front of the backsplash and trim, or mowing the lawn. Just saying. Bet he looks good in a tool belt LOL.
    Happy New Year.

    • My Crappy House

      lol Schmoopy got a laugh out of that… Maybe I’ll do a Schmoopy Calendar! Hahahaha Happy New Year!

  • Melissa

    Well,regardless of the lack of posts (free entertainment) you are still one of my favs. Kind of, er, sort of. Maybe not, but entertaining none the less. Wishing you a happy, project filled, fun 2018! Come on now and Pet Igor, kiss Schmoopy and get on with the projects!!!!

    • My Crappy House

      Well, I’d better get going with some fresh posts to climb back up your favorites list! I’ll do my best! Maybe. Prolly not. HAHAHA Happy New Year!

  • Laura Coplin

    So happy to hear you have an UNcrappy Schmoopy in your life & hope you are sickeningly, BLISSFULLY happy for the rest of your UNcrappy lives! Thankful for all the goodness in y’all’s lives! (even if you are cat people! lol) Let us hear from you…even once a year is better than nunce (a new word!) a year! Have a wonderful 2018! Texas follower

  • Jackie

    Just saw some 2018 trend predictions and colored trim is one of them! Your blog was the first I thought of. Can’t wait to see your post on it. ?


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