My Saybridge Sofa Review | Six Years Later

Sofa, Still So Good

Once upon a time, there lived a handsome sofa named Saybridge. I wasn’t looking for love, but, as the proverbial saying goes, that’s when love found me… My relationship with Saybridge began six years ago in a romantic Macy’s showroom. We’re still together, but… are we still happy? Wouldn’t you like to know…

(Yes, I get that’s why you’re here. Keep reading.)

my couch in 2015

Diet Coke Wishes and Hot Pocket Dreams

Six years ago, I went to the mall to buy a pair of jeans and, as people often do, I bought a sofa instead. It wasn’t the sofa I had planned on. No, I had been lusting after this beauty, by The Comfortable Couch Company

Sexy, right? But, guys. It was pricey. Probably worth every penny, but… I didn’t have that many pennies.

When I spotted Saybridge that day, he was looking kind of pale, but I could see he had really good bone structure. He was also less than half the price of my fancy pants dream couch…

Macys Saybridge Sofa Martha Stewart

Here was a sofa made for the common folk. He might not have had the sophisticated upbringing that the CoCoCo couch had, but, then again… neither had I…

What was I even thinking, pining for the CoCoCo couch? I drive a Toyota. Sometimes, I even shop at Walmart. I love Hot Pockets. Guys, I am totally common.

(Plus, I didn’t have a floor or a kitchen at the time, so it really made sense to PIVOT my couch plans for something less expensive.)

It was a Whirlwind Romance

I made arrangements, that very day, for Saybridge to move in with me. (Yes, it all happened very fast, but my mom approved.)

Mom on the saybridge couch

Eight weeks later, he moved in.

Green velvet saybridge sofa

I loved everything about him! Except for his feet. Who would put these chunky, blocky feet on such a handsome, classic sofa?

Martha Freaking Stewart, that’s who.

(Not her actual middle name.)

(Which is Helen.)

Martha designed my sofa for her Macys collection and, therefore, is responsible for this Frankenfoot situation. I don’t know what she was thinking. It’s like she put Fred Flintstone‘s feet on Prince Charming‘s body.

Saybridge Sofa ugly feet

I performed the transplant myself with these feet I acquired on the black market.

(OK, I got them on e-Bay…)

The procedure was a complete success.

Couch with replacement feet

This Post Needs Some Cat

Everybody loves Saybridge, but especially my kids cats. They’re not interested in abusing him, only sofa snuggles.

Zero the cat upside down on the green ottoman

Please enjoy scrolling through these family photos from the last six years, to the tune of the song, Our House.

(No, it’s not going to play. You’ll have to hear it in your head. Here, I’ll help… Oooour house. Is a very very very fine house. (Fine house.) With two cats in the yard… Life used to be so hard…)

Egor the cat on the couch

zero the cat lying on green sofa

Cats on the arm of a green sofa

Cat waiting by the door on the sofa

Zero the cat on the saybridge sofa

Egor and Zero the cats, on the saybridge ottoman

Cat sit standing on saybridge sofa

Zero the cat lying on foot

holding hands with a cat

Petting cats nose

Egor the cat lounging on couch arm

Did You Think I Forgot the Review?

I actually did! Sorry. I’m back on track now. The whole point of this post is to answer this one question: Do I still love my Saybridge? The short answer is, yes.

(The long answer is, yeeeeeessssss!)

Guys, I freaking love this couch!

My green velvet couch six years later

He’s been sat on (which… duh…), but also stepped on, slept on, spilled on, and puked on (by the cats, not me) and he still looks as dashing as ever.

Sometimes, the cats (it’s always the cats…) leave an unidentifiable stain on Saybridge, but they’re always super easy to remove. (The stains, I mean.) (And, also the cats.) I just take a wet washcloth (with water only), scrub a little, and it comes right off.

removing a spot from my velvet couch

Let’s not speculate what that was, OK?

This method also works for fur. This corner is the most cat-sat-on corner of the couch. A wet washcloth gathers the fur right up.

Cleaning cat fur off of a velvet sofa

Between surface cleaning and semi-regular vacuuming, Saybridge looks as good as new.

Zero the cat sitting on the arm of a green sofa

Zero lying on a green ottoman facing a couch

I know it seems I’ve been hung up on looks this whole post, but Saybridge is quite comfortable as well; even more so than six years ago. When he first arrived, he was very firm, but, over the years, he’s softened up a bit. Not that he’s let himself go, by any means. He’s just a more relaxed version of himself now. A real family sofa.

Family picture on the saybridge sofa

The Bottom Line

I feel like I’m supposed to sum this post up with some final statement to make it an “official” review post. Not that there’s a governing body for review posts (yet), but if there were, I’d want to be in compliance. So, here’s my bottom line:

If you’re looking for a tufted, velvety sofa that won’t break the bank, I highly recommend the Saybridge sofa, by Martha (Helen) Stewart, for Macys. It’s comfortable, durable, easy to care for, and kid cat friendly.

I made you this pointless GIF, purely for your enjoyment. (Wait for it…)

Gif of my green velvet sofa

So, there you have it; my “official” Saybridge sofa review. Six years in and our relationship is still going strong. He’s attractive, resists corruption, anticipates my relaxation needs, and knows just how to hug my butt. What more could you want in a relationship with your sofa?

*This post does not contain affiliate links and was not sponsored.

Oh, the irony… This post was done, but I can’t not share this with you. It’s 5PM on Sunday, the day before this post will publish. I sit down to do some final edits with my leftover piece of cheesecake that I brought home from my brunch yesterday at the Cheesecake Factory and this happens…

Cheesecake accident on the couch

As if I needed more evidence to add to this post that I’ve literally just finished writing about how well my couch has held up over the last six years of life in my crappy house, my cheesecake leaps out of the container and onto my laptop, splashing whipped cream everywhere. It’s OK though. I had it cleaned up in a few minutes.

Green couch cushion

And my cheesecake was delicious. (Of course I still ate it, silly…)

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  • em

    I WAS originally here for the cat pictures.
    THEN, I was intrigued by the review, and the cleanability of your sofa.
    I watched your “pointless” GIF repeat six or so times (is there a subliminal hypnotic thing slipped in there, because that kind of happened).

    I was here for all of it….until the leftover cheesecake. Then you completely lost me. I’d have bought in if you said you brought an extra piece home. But “leftover”? Im not even sure if we can be friends anymore.

    • My Crappy House

      Haha oh, don’t break up with me! I have to fit into a wedding dress in just over two months! I can’t be knocking back the cheesecake all willy nilly…

  • Barbara H.

    Ha Ha! So much to love in this post. Love the Saybridge, better than your first love, and what a great update to change the legs. I remember that post! The gif – brings to mind one of those Disney animations – good job. Whipped cream on cheesecake? Overkill? Good thing the laptop was closed! And cats – everything goes better with cats. But that’s a much smaller stain than my cats gift me with…

    • My Crappy House

      Thanks for appreciating all facets of my post! I feel like my first love wouldn’t have given up the stains so easily either. And that’s a must with the brats cats. I would never subject you guys to it, but beef cat vomit has happened. The full meal, right on the couch. Dried from overnight regurgitations… You would never know it was ever there! This couch is the bomb.

  • Marilyn

    Once again a totally enjoyable and informative post! Your cats are gorgeous and your couch is DURABLE and handsome, I’m VERY impressed! Your attention to DETAIL always amazes me (couch FEET!), now I’m going to be looking at every inch of the details of my next piece of furniture I purchase, and I guess, in hindsight, that is the way buying the things you have to live with for years and years (husbands too!), should be! THANK YOU Vickie for a most fun read!

    • My Crappy House

      It’s okay to settle, as long as you can change what you don’t like. (In couches.) (Maybe men too?)

  • Michelle

    I love your couch! And I love what you did with the legs! It’s how the couch SHOULD have been made! That GIF is mesmerizing ?

  • Seana

    I remember when you first posted about Saybridge. Glad to see you are still in love and he is as handsome as ever. Also, thanks for singing to me because my mind immediately went to the other Our House (by Madness). The version you chose was waay more appropriate.

  • Lisa

    Oh NOOOOOO! Not the CHEESECAKE! The horror! Sorry to hear the sad news, especially since mine was so yummy and I thanked you for insisting on taking some home with me. You can live vicariously through me – it was delicious…

    • My Crappy House

      Haha don’t despair! I ate it anyway! It was still delicious, if a little less whipped creamy…

    • NSh

      Loved your story !! I know of the staybridge family as well… I met his brother Storm Gray! yes,he has the same mother Martha. He was getting kicked out over here in Oregon and the woman he lived with had the audacity post to him on craigslist for free! … He had obviously been harmed in a tussle wasn’t in the best shape but I could see he had potential..the tussle was with a came in the home while the sliding door was opened and before storm gray could defend the woman’s home, the squirrel jumped on top of him ( this is true!) Proceeded to rip through his skin
      ( wanting to use his innards for nesting) .. the vicious squirrel got so scared at one point had a bladder attack while atty Storm grey.. I got Storm gray out of his living situation.. i cleaned him up (carpet cleaner hours) stitched his skin( just hid the stitches underneath) and he stayed with me for years. Then one day I told him it was time for him to move on… He’s living with my niece( hasn’t moved far) ..but he still looks amazing! I always felt I maybe could have kept him.. letting him go was a sacrifice?..
      So recently I got to meet his identical twin named: Storm Gray2.. he was a money grubber though??, he took all my pennies when we met at his home
      ( store). However,I’m charmed daily by his looks ?and Storm grey2 isn’t offended by my love for doodles and cats so I feel it’s a perfect match❤️‍?

  • Holly Holton

    Those are some of the best cat pictures I have ever seen. Love. And I totally have couch envy. Wish I had read this before I bought my last one.

    • My Crappy House

      Aww, thank you! I’ll tell them you said so. They love the camera.

      And I totally get the envy. It’s warranted

  • Mom

    Love the post, the GIF and the kitties so entertaining I’m still laughing at the cheesecake mess. I can attest to the sofas comfort since I slept on it when I was homeless. Oh the memories. You really have a talent, so proud.

    • My Crappy House

      I forgot you slept on it when you were homeless! Saybridge has touched so many lives… And butts…

    • My Crappy House

      When I first bought the couch, I was very worried about that. Egor destroyed my last sofa, which was chenille. I actually bought kitty nail covers to protect my new couch! Turns out, both of my cats are completely uninterested in clawing the couch. The velvety texture of the fabric has no open weave, so there’s nothing for their claws to really dig into. I suspect there’s no satisfaction in clawing it for them, so they never bother with it.

  • Barbara Z

    Hi, what color is your Saybridge sofa. Looking at the colors on the site, the only green is an Emerald shade and yours seems lighter and prettier! Thanks!

    • My Crappy House

      Hi! I think Macy’s has discontinued my color. I want to say the color was forest, but it looks like they no longer offer it

      When I bought mine, the saleswoman said they discontinue colors often, but I would think that also means they introduce new colors too. Maybe they’ll offer a green like mine in the future.

  • Carol

    Thank you for the great review, I swore I’d never buy another Martha Stewart product after my last sofa from her which looked horrible after six months.They looked so bad Macy’s even replaced cushion covers and my ottoman at six months ( Linen look material that pilled, And my cat at the time was not as furniture scratcher so it was completely a very poor choice of material used )I thought shame on her! she should’ve known better than to put that material on a sofa. After all she’s putting her name on it ,she should have some say of materials you would think? Ok sorry …rant over.
    After seeing this velvet sofa at Macy’s and hearing all the great comments about how well the fabric holds up. My thoughts went too…well should I give Martha another chance,? next thought was how well will this material work with cats.
    Your article showing how well the material is holding up even with the cats has been a great help and making a decision. On a stylish sofa that will look good for a few years. Your blog has greatly helped.

    • My Crappy House

      Thank you so much! I just sat down at my desk and read your comment after literally JUST cleaning cat puke off of my couch (with a wet paper towel and nothing else) and it’s like it was never there. My cats are so disgusting. They’re constantly “catting up” my couch and all I do is vacuum it and wipe it down with a wet paper towel. I couldn’t be happier with my sofa. I’m sorry Martha let you down previously. I suspect she really has nothing at all to do with the products that have her name on them, but she really should care. If I were famous enough to have my name on products, I’d be making sure every single one of them was awesome. I wouldn’t hesitate to put MY name on THIS sofa, but Martha would probably have a problem with that

  • Joy

    Hey there! I’m looking to buy this during holiday sales!
    The feet part is the biggest hang-up for me, can you share the link or what you used to replace your feet??

    • My Crappy House

      Hi! I tried to find you the feet I used, but I got them on ebay and I can’t find anything similar now. But, before I found these feet, I had a plan to replace them with screw on feet, which you can find anywhere. (Just google “turned sofa legs”) You can read about my plan, with supplies, in this post. I still highly recommend this sofa!

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