• I Am a Professional

    Let’s See What This Blog Can Really Do…

    Hi, guys. It’s me. Your favorite blogger who never blogs. If you are one of my followers who wishes I would post more often, well, have I got good news for you! For the last eight years, I’ve had my own successful little freelancing business.

    It is now dead. This stupid virus killed it.

    (No, that’s not the good news. Keep reading…)

  • My House is Not a Victorian.

    Well, duh! My house is a crappy ranch. I just want you to be aware that I’m aware that I don’t live here.

    Victorian House

    Oh, if only.

    I could decorate the crap out of that house. I lurve Victorian inspired décor. Curvy legged furniture and tufted velvet… Damask wallpaper and chandeliers… Intricate moulding and millwork… None of which really makes sense in my crappy ranch.