• It’s Crappy House Appreciation Day!

    Let’s Celebrate!

    Today, August 17, 2020 is Crappy House Appreciation Day. I just decided. I don’t know who’s in charge of creating official holidays, but I don’t care. I just did it myself. Mark your calendars. It’s done. Take the day off to celebrate, if you like. (That’s what I’m doing.)

    I have very recently reached a new level of appreciation for My Crappy House. If you have a crappy house that you aren’t feeling particularly fond of, I can help. There’s one very specific thing that you can do that will make you instantly smitten. You will fall in love with your crappy house just the way it is, in all it’s crappy glory. And it’s such a simple thing! Are you ready? Here it is…

  • I ♥ My Bathroom

    Ironically, my bathroom was the first room in my house to stop being crappy. (Get it? Bathroom…? Crappy…? Oh, never mind.) It was fully renovated before I moved in and it didn’t cost me anything. I know! What??