• My Creative Process is Procrastination

    Feature image wedding flowers

    I’ve heard that being a creative person and procrastination go hand in hand. Supposedly, procrastination can help fuel creativity. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that my creative process looks something like this:

    My creative process timeline graphic

    It doesn’t matter how much time I have to do a project. I will always wait until the last possible nanosecond to get started on it. I have spent countless hours freaking out over finishing creative projects. I’m sure it’s not good for my health. In fact, the number of hours I’ve spent having these meltdowns will probably be deducted from my overall lifespan…

    Guys, I just realized. I may not have much time left…

  • My Crappy Advice: Designing One Closet Four Ways

    One closet four ways feature

    Season 1 | Episode 3

    I Hate My Closet, Part II

    Previously on My Crappy Advice… Melissa hated her closet (I’m sure she still does. It’s only been a week…), I gave you a bunch of tips to help you design a closet that doesn’t suck (like Melissa’s does…), and then I left you in suspense. Closet suspense. (Was it really hard to focus this week, what with all of the anticipation? I bet it was.) This week, I’ll be designing one closet, four ways, in an effort to rescue Melissa from her crappy builder’s closet. Time to kick some closet ass…

    Messy closet

  • My Crappy Advice: I Hate My Closet

    Season 1 | Episode 2

    The Features That Make a Closet Great & Designing a Walk-In Closet on a Budget

    Welcome back to My Crappy Advice, where the advice is free and, despite the misleading name, not crappy. Like, at all. (I know. It’s confusing. Just go with it.) This episode is all about closets… tips for closet design, how to redo a closet on a budget, and wtf to do when your attic access is in a stupid spot. If you’ve got a crappy design or DIY dilemma that you’d like my (not) crappy advice on, look for a submission link at the end of this post. In the meantime, if I ‘hate my closet’ is a common thought for you, keep on reading…

    my crappy advice dear crappy

  • Master Bedroom Ideas: Design

    Master Bedroom Design Concept

    Middle Bedroom Syndrome

    My master bedroom is the ‘Jan Brady‘ of my crappy house. For the last ten years, it’s been completely ignored. Overlooked. Forgotten. Watching the other two bedrooms get all of the attention while it just sat there, all sad and neglected. I’m sure it has a complex by now and will need lots of therapy. You’ve seen the other two rooms many times. My dressing room (the popular one with all the internet admirers) and my offith (the cute and thmart one) have been featured many times on My Crappy House. I’m thinking it’s finally time to pay some attention to poor ‘Jan’. Let’s talk about my master bedroom ideas!

    (My design ideas, you weirdos. This is not that kind of blog.)

    Master Bedroom Design Concept

  • Building an Outdoor Cat Shelter, Part I

    Future outdoor cat shelter

    Helter Shelter

    This week, I’m working on building an outdoor cat shelter for our strays. It’s going to be purrfect! I fully expect to be the talk (meow?) of the kitty neighborhood with this little cat crib. I found a bunch of ideas online, but none of them spoke (meowed?) to me, so I decided to design my own. Hey, how hard can it be?

    Egor in the cooler ice chest

  • The Surprise We Found Recorded on Our Ring Camera

    Our Ring Camera_Feature

    They’re Heeeere…

    A crappy house is a pretty good crime deterrent. I think the bad guys must figure that a crappy house probably contains crappy stuff, so they don’t even bother. (Low return on crime investment, I guess.) But our house is looking less and less crappy these days, and the less crappy our house looks, the more security becomes a concern.

    The surprise we found recorded on our ring camera

    With that in mind, Schmoopy bought one of those Ring Floodlight Cameras to mount on the garage. We love it. Not only is the motion light very convenient, but knowing we’ll have video of the bad guys when they rob us is strangely comforting.

    So far, we haven’t recorded any criminal activity, but we were surprised by what we found was going on in the wee hours. We had no idea…

  • Building a Shed on a Budget

    He Shed, She Shed

    I have a shed. It sucks. Not because it’s old (that’s ageism), or because it’s broken (which it is). It sucks because it’s a cheap shed and you get what you pay for; a crappy shack that’s too small for an adult to stand up straight in, with cantankerous doors that are always looking for a fight, and metal walls that sound like high-school-theater-thunder when you accidentally (on purpose) run into them with the lawn mower. This crappy shed was an appropriate sidekick to my crappy house back in the day, but the time has come to kick it to the curb. My Crappy House is too classy now to associate with such basic trash.

  • My Kitchen Remodel

    My Bitchin’ Kitchen: Part I

    I have been planning my kitchen remodel for a looooooong time. It’s been more than five years with this crappy set up where a kitchen should be:

  • Off The Chain

    You may remember My Chain.

    You probably have your own chain. You know – those projects you have to do before you can do the one you really want to do. They all build on each other. If you don’t remember My Chain, (And you were too lazy to click the link I conveniently put there in the first sentence. And again here. (My God, how lazy are you??)) here it is: