About Me

About_Me_House_croppedThis is me. I am a single woman with no money. I used to have a little bit of money, but then I bought a crappy house and now that money is all gone. What I do have is time. Actually, no, I really don’t have any of that either, but time is basically “free” so I spend that instead of the money that I don’t have. Since I can’t afford to pay most professionals, I have learned to do a lot of things myself. I’m up at all hours of the night working on various projects to make my crappy house a home. (I do a lot of work in my pajamas…)

I’m really (sort of) enjoying renovating my crappy house and I especially like getting compliments for all of my hard work (especially from strangers!), so I thought I’d start a blog to share my DIY adventures with the world. My intent is not to teach you anything (though if you happen to learn something, awesome!), but to have a place to write about my experiences and show off my accomplishments so you can say, “OMG, did you really do that yourself?!” and then I can say, “Yes. I rock.”

When I’m not working on my crappy house, I’m working as a 3D designer for my own company, 3-D Cat. You’ll see some of my renderings here from time to time because I can’t resist drawing my own house. I have a cat named Egor who finds his way into many of my photos. (See exhibit A above.) Play a game of Where’s Egor? and do a shot every time you find him in a pic. You’ll be drunk in no time.

I am an avid pool player (I’m a pretty crappy shot, but I love it. Usually.) and I also have a black belt in jiu jitsu. (Yes, for reals. Don’t mess with me.)

So, that’s about it. Welcome to My Crappy House! If this is your first time here, may I suggest you start by taking my crappy house tour? It will give you an idea of just how crappy this house was when I started so you can fully appreciate all I’ve accomplished so far. I hope you’ll come back often to marvel at my mad skills. Peace out, yo.


P.S. I’m not one of those pro bloggers who pop out daily posts. You’ll get about 2 posts a month from me, but they’ll be quality posts. I have a two part system. First I have to actually do a project, and then I have to write something brilliant about it. Honestly, you’re lucky you get 2 a month when you think about it. Make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing below…

P.S.S. Want to know even more about me? (I get that. I’m an intriguing person…) Click here to listen to a podcast where Doug from Thumb & Hammer and I talk about my crappy house and also how amazing I am.

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