• My Favorite Things 2021

    Where Did The Time Go?

    I like to pretend I’m still a kid, but the brutal truth is that I turned fifty this year. (I know, right? WTF? Fifty! Where did the time go?!)

    (I swear, I must say “where did the time go” fifty times a day. Next to “what did I come in here for”, it’s my most frequently uttered phrase.)

    How is it even possible that 2021 is almost over? I guess the same way it’s possible that I’m suddenly freaking fifty. The time… well, it… went. (Smell ya later, youth!)

    Anyway, as is tradition, it’s time for my Annual Favorite Things Post. Curious what a fifty year old kid fancies? Keep reading for my favorite things of 2021.

  • My Favorite Things 2017

    Hello? Remember me? Is this thing on? Yeah, yeah, I know. 2017 has been a complete #blogfail, but I still love you guys. No, really, I do! It’s just that I have had the best time this year and, as “best times” are wont to do, it freaking flew right by! And whoosh! here we are, mere days away from 2018, another year gone with only, like, two (well, three now) blog posts to show for it! But whatever. How many blog posts did you write this year? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

  • My Favorite Things 2016

    It’s almost 2017! This year flew by sooo fast. I know I kind of sucked with the infrequency of my posts in 2016, but… well, that’s it. I sucked. Sorry. I’ll try to do better next year. (But I probably won’t. Please love me anyway.)

  • My Favorite Things 2015

    It’s finally here! My 3rd annual Favorite Things post! It’s the post that you don’t look forward to all year where I share the things I liked best in 2015…

    Yes, of course I know you’d prefer a post about my slate tile floor, but that’s not done yet, so you’ll just have to be satisfied with this narcissistic post that’s all about things that I love. I mean, it’s a tradition now, so suck it up and keep reading. (Or you can skip to the bottom of this crappy post where I tell you what’s in store for 2016, but you probably won’t feel very good about yourself…)

  • I’m Just Like Oprah

    I am exactly like Oprah, except I’ve never had a talk show. And I’m not a billionaire. And I’m white. Otherwise, we’re… not really alike at all actually. I was just trying to make a witty comparison because this is MY FAVORITE THINGS POST! That means YOU read my post and YOU read my post and YOU read my post…

    My Favorite Things