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  • My Crappy Advice: Add Curb Appeal Without Remodeling

    Season 1 | Episode 4

    What Color Should I Paint My House?

    Welcome to another episode of My Crappy Advice, where I solve your crappy design dilemmas for free. (Seriously. Who even does anything for free anymore? I’m a wonder.) This week, I’m helping a reader virtually transform the exterior of her home. Sure, I’ll be changing the color, but I won’t be stopping there. Keep reading for advice on how you can add curb appeal without remodeling your home. This transformation is going to shock you! (OK, maybe not shock you, but this is the internet! Where we exaggerate stuff to keep viewers interested!) It’s actually a really cool, unusual home. Check it out:

    Unusual pink house front without curb appeal

  • My Crappy Advice: Designing One Closet Four Ways

    One closet four ways feature

    Season 1 | Episode 3

    I Hate My Closet, Part II

    Previously¬†on My Crappy Advice… Melissa hated her closet (I’m sure she still does. It’s only been a week…), I gave you a bunch of tips to help you design a closet that doesn’t suck (like Melissa’s does…), and then I left you in suspense. Closet suspense. (Was it really hard to focus this week, what with all of the anticipation? I bet it was.) This week, I’ll be designing one closet, four ways, in an effort to rescue Melissa from her crappy builder’s closet. Time to kick some closet ass…

    Messy closet

  • My Crappy Advice: I Hate My Closet

    Season 1 | Episode 2

    The Features That Make a Closet Great & Designing a Walk-In Closet on a Budget

    Welcome back to My Crappy Advice, where the advice is free and, despite the misleading name, not crappy. Like, at all. (I know. It’s confusing. Just go with it.) This episode is all about closets… tips for closet design, how to redo a closet on a budget, and wtf to do when your attic access is in a stupid spot. If you’ve got a crappy design or DIY dilemma that you’d like my (not) crappy advice on, look for a submission link at the end of this post. In the meantime, if I ‘hate my closet’ is a common thought for you, keep on reading…

    my crappy advice dear crappy

  • My Crappy Advice: Where Should I Put My Bed?

    Dear Crappy feature image

    Season 1 | Episode 1

    Bed Placement & Curtain Rules to Live By

    This week, I’m very excited to introduce a new regular feature here on the blog that I hope you will enjoy. I’m calling it, My Crappy Advice. (No, of course my advice isn’t crappy at all, it’s fan-freaking-tastic. I’m just very committed to my crappy brand.) I figure it’ll be a monthly post where I offer design advice to my readers. If you’ve got a design dilemma you’d like to submit, look for a link at the end of this post and I’ll see what I can do to help you out. (I’ve got mad skills, you know.) In the meantime, keep reading to find out where the bed should go and how to hang the curtains…

    my crappy advice dear crappy