It’s Crappy House Appreciation Day!

Let’s Celebrate!

Today, August 17, 2020 is Crappy House Appreciation Day. I just decided. I don’t know who’s in charge of creating official holidays, but I don’t care. I just did it myself. Mark your calendars. It’s done. Take the day off to celebrate, if you like. (That’s what I’m doing.)

I have very recently reached a new level of appreciation for My Crappy House. If you have a crappy house that you aren’t feeling particularly fond of, I can help. There’s one very specific thing that you can do that will make you instantly smitten. You will fall in love with your crappy house just the way it is, in all it’s crappy glory. And it’s such a simple thing! Are you ready? Here it is…

Go camping.

Hate your bathroom? Go camping. Hate your kitchen? Go camping. Hate your bedroom? GO. CAMPING. I guarantee you that, even if you have one of those bathroom/kitchen combos…

…it’s way better than what you will have while camping. Go live in a tent. Cook your food on a tiny stove. Drink warm soda. Sleep on a deflated air mattress while listening to the buzz and ca-CAW! of nature because you have no windows to close. Go pee (toting an arsenal of disinfecting wipes and sprays and your own toilet paper) in a “bathroom” that will make you wish you could hold your breath for three minutes solid whilst trying not to touch an-y-thing. And trust me. You’re gonna wanna throw those flip flops away.

OK, so why am I writing about this on my DIY blog. This isn’t the first post I’ve written that is a little outside of my “brand” (like the one about China or the crock pot or especially this one about my art), but you guys know I have a way of manufacturing relevance, and this post is no exception, so stay with me, please…

There are lots of things to love about camping. Campfire conversations, hiking in the woods, playing games, bonding with friends… And, hey! Nature is quite lovely when she’s not trying to invade your personal space like a drunk uncle.

So I figured out how to avoid the crappy parts of camping while enjoying the fun parts. (Here’s where this post becomes super relevant…) The solution is to take a crappy house with you!

No, don’t get excited. We haven’t bought a camper. But we totally want to! A cute little fixer upper that I can make all pretty again and then blog about for your enjoyment.

Admit it. You’d totally be into that. So, we’re on the hunt for a super crappy (i.e. cheap) camping trailer with lots of potential. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy National (Yep, it just went national!) Crappy House Appreciation Day! Hell, let’s make it National Crappy House Appreciation WEEK! They can’t stop us… Let ’em try!

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  • Lisa Bennett

    Happy Crappy House Day! Happy Crappy! Hey, that’s super fun to say, btw. I’m totally saying that whenever anyone asks how I am from now on. I’m happy crappy, and you? It’s like super duper or okey dokey, only more fun.

  • Joan

    A Crappy Camper blog series would be TONS of fun to read about! (But I still want to see more of the Crappy House — I’m sure there’s still more than needs to be done, right? It’s a never ending battle…)

    • My Crappy House

      Oh, no worries! The crappy camper would just be a side project. My Crappy House is still the main attraction and there’s PLENTY more to do!

  • SH

    This sounds exciting and entertaining. But could there be a house tour (dining room update?), or follow up to the project involving trim, before you start on your camper adventure?

    • My Crappy House

      Absolutely! You know me and plans. They take a loooong time to come to fruition. My little trim project is the subject of next week’s post!

  • Mom

    I didn’t know that’s where you went camping. I went there too. Bish bash falls. But…..I did it in a camper. I’m not dumb I’m spoiled I need my own bathroom, kitchen and bed. Live and learn. Mawhawhaw

  • Em

    I celebrate Crappy House Day anytime I get a post notification from you!

    That said, yes, years of camping under my belt…but with a pop-up trailer. Just a heads-up from experience, don’t forget to use the jacks. Those buggers tip. Looking forward to your adventure!

    • My Crappy House

      Aww! That’s sweet! I definitely don’t want my camper to tip over. Though it would make for an entertaining blog post…

  • Missy

    I’m happy that our camping trip left you yearning for more nature and hiking and friends. Can’t wait to see where the crappy camper takes us! I’m in!

  • Marilyn Pigott

    HAHAHAHA, THAT was GREAT! Ohhh, you would SOOOO love a cute little camper, it could even stow away a cute little tent for your man! hehehe.! I would totally follow MY CRAPPY LITTLE CAMPER! Seriously. (never) you are a wonderful writer and you make me SMILE in these awful times,THANK YOU my dear friend/2nd daughter! Hugs, Mar

    • My Crappy House

      How did you know?? He loves the tent! We’re going camping again in September and we rented a CABIN, but he’s going up a day early by himself to sleep in the tent. He’s crazy!

  • Cecile Lowrey

    My Twin sister and I currently Have a crappy motor home. We just turned 71 and are looking for something easier to drive or pull.when my children were young my now Ex husband moved us 30 times in 6 years in a series of really crappy trailers. Lived one summer in a 15 ft. W/ three kids and no refrigerator or a/c! Argh..

    • My Crappy House

      Thirty times in six years!?!?! Oh, my! That makes me anxious just thinking about it! I’m a creature of habit. I could never move that much! What an adventure that must have been, though. I bet your kids have great memories. (Well, not the refrigerator or A/C parts…)

  • Holly

    I want to buy a crappy camper and fix it up too. I think I’ve listened to Tyler Childers song country squire a few too many times.

    • My Crappy House

      Ha, well you know I had to look that up. Just watched the video. I do hope I can do better than that…

  • Phoebe

    Ok, no, forget everything else for a moment and help me get my brain unstuck: WTF was that kitchen/toilet thing? That’s a thing? Where did you find that? Why? WHY???

    • My Crappy House

      Haha I know, right? WTF! It was a picture on an actual Craigslist ad. I can’t imagine the architect who came up with this… Hopefully, he’s in rehab now.

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