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This Changes Everything

Hi friends! It’s been two months since my last post. Given my track record for post frequency, this one probably comes as an unexpected surprise. But I hope it’s a welcome surprise (like a delicious basket of mini muffins surprise) and not an unwelcome surprise. (Like a freaking worldwide pandemic surprise…)

Ross Gellars Best Day Mini Muffins

We sure have entered the Twilight Zone in the last couple of months… But I’m not here to talk to you about all of that. (Smarter, less fun people than I am have that subject covered thoroughly. Exhaustively.) I just thought I would share a little bit of good news with you. And also announce a really big change that has the potential to affect us all!

So, what’s my news? Well, if you’re among my 17 Instagram followers, then you know. I am now an engaged woman! I KNOW, right?? The Vegas odds on that ever happening were long, indeed. No, not because I’m undesirable. (Hey, people desire me, OK? I’ve got it going on…) No, the odds were so, so, so long because I’m what you would call particular. I like my men the way I like my crappy house. Exactly how I want. So, to find a man who ticked all of my (many, many) boxes was a long shot. Like, if Vegas actually did take bets on me, you’d be mega freaking rich right now. (But they didn’t because I’m not famous and no one cares.)

The two of us newly engaged

I hope you’re happy for me. Now that I’m engaged, I’ll be planning a wedding, of course. This brings me to my “really big change that has the potential to affect us all”…

She said yes banner

I’m changing my blog to My Crappy Wedding! You guys are probably bored with all of my DIY nonsense by now and I’m sure you’re annoyed with how infrequently I post about my crappy house, so this will fix all of that! There’s SO much to do with planning a wedding! I’ll have TONS to post about! We’re getting married next year on May 30, 2021. We’re so excited! I can’t wait to take you all on this journey with me. So, keep an eye out for a major format change. Here’s a preview…

salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

Salt and pepper diamond engagement ring galaxy diamond

picture of me newly engaged

april fool bride


Don’t you know me at all?? Admit it… I so got you…

Well, I am engaged, but a wedding blog? As IF! You’re stuck with me and My Crappy House forever. And ever. (And ever…)

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… A crappy wedding blog… I can’t believe you guys fell for that… hahaha

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  • Melissa

    Girlie,You have exactly 125 followers, well now 126, on Instag. I would have happily followed your Crappy Wedding and since I am now fooled, I am also now in tears……….Wah……

    • My Crappy House

      Haha aww! Don’t be sad! Honestly, our wedding is going to be amazing and I will definitely share it with you all after it happens. In the meantime, there’s still lots to do at my crappy house…

  • Heather

    I was thinking…well I don’t really care about anybody’s wedding enough to read blogs about it and I really liked the house stuff, but hey, she’s really funny, so maybe I will give it a try. haha I was already converted and ready give it a fair shot, but yeah, glad it’s still crappy house stuff!

  • Barbara H.

    Yep, you got me, though I didn’t understand why you were waiting more than a year and had no idea how you were going to write wedding posts when you have trouble with the DIY, which I much prefer by the way. BUT congratulations and enjoy the journey.

    • My Crappy House

      Haha I MUCH prefer procrastinating DIY posts over procrastinating silly wedding posts!

      (Though, we really are waiting until next May because weddings on Long Island cost the same as houses do in Florida. True story…)

  • SusieQ

    Congratulations!!! So happy for you! I waited until I was 36 to get married – because like you, I’m damn picky! Well guess what………..he was well worth the wait! Going on 22 years in October & I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazing life we share! As they say “living the dream!” I wish you all the best with your soon-to-be husband! My advice:
    Make each other laugh every single day! ?
    Stay well & safe! Crazy times, for sure!

    • My Crappy House

      Thank you so much! I agree, the wait was well worth it. (And I waited a looooong time. I’ll be 49 when I walk down that aisle…) If I can manage to live to be 99, we’ll have 50 years together. I think I can do it! And that’s great advice. We have so much fun together


    Happy April Fools. Yes, you got me, but I’m really happy for you and us. I really enjoy your DIY updates and would really miss your ummmm updates. Congrat’s and wishing all the happiness in the world!!

  • Linda Theodorou

    So happy for you both. You make such a nice looking couple.
    P.S. I fell for the crappy wedding blog and was thinking that’s not a very nice way to start a marriage, lol, glad it’s still a crappy house, lol.

    • My Crappy House

      Hahaha I know, right?? My crappy wedding! I’d have to talk about my crappy fiancé and my crappy dress…

  • Carole

    Congrats! That was good… GREAT!!
    Glad it’s still about your house. Your blog makes my day; a little like living in Seattle. One wakes up with one eye open , looking out the window of my bedroom… will it be sunny today? You never know! If it is, it makes my day! Looking over my email in the morning, seeing My Crappy House brings a smile to my face. Yes, it’s a sunny day. Thanks!

  • Katherine Davies

    I am so happy for you! Best wishes to you both. I have always enjoyed your blog. That was a fab April Fool’s joke!

    Just one other comment – saying you’ll be 49 is another April
    fool, right?

  • Frances

    Ya got me. Loved it! Probably would have read about your crapping wedding, but didn’t want to give up on your crappy house. Keep on

  • Mom

    I can’t believe I totally fell for it. It’s like i don’t know you anymore. You suck fooling an old lady. I did wonder why you were calling it a Crappy wedding and what did John do.

  • DebbieO

    Dag nab it! I can usually see an April Fools joke a mile away. Congrats n your already engaged engagement and can’t wait to see the post you’re working on (though I won’t hold my breath LOL).

    • My Crappy House

      Haha you are wise to be cautious, but I finished the project for the post and took all of the pictures, so it’s really coming soon! No foolin!

  • Lisa Garber

    Oh geez, you should have seen the eye roll “Oh crap, there are sooo many crappy blogs about weddings…” It never occurred to me it was April 1. Good on ya! And congrats.

    • My Crappy House

      Thank you! I’m not usually an April Fools prankster, but this year it felt good to be silly.

  • Phoeb

    Eh, no. Sorry. The “really big change that has the potential to affect us all” seemed a tiny bit unlike you, but ok. But the moment I read the next sentence I was like “what’s the date of this post?” and scrolled up to check. Sorry, not sorry!

    Good one though! And congratulations to you both!

    • My Crappy House

      Haha you’re so smart! I’m flattered you know me so well. A wedding blog is the last… well, ALMOST last thing I’d write. The LAST thing would be a blog about (*shudder*) KIDS!

  • Marilyn Pigott

    I don’t think you “got me”, I just COULD NOT believe you would do something like that…not that your wedding is NOT going to be as “unique” as YOU are, but you blogging your PRIVATE planning…NAW!!! Just have FUN planning. it’s going to be AWESOME. Now, what the heck are you two doing in the HOUSE, gosh, you got enough FREE time to be doing SOMETHING, we want to SEE! ?. Much love, mar

    • My Crappy House

      Yeah, I know I couldn’t fool YOU… I do have lots of time on my hands. I have some house things on the agenda that I will be sharing.

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