• I Spent a Day with Habitat For Humanity

    Paying it Forward

    I never watch the news. I know. I’m a bad American. Whatever. But the news always sucks! It’s full of terrible people doing terrible things. I’d much rather focus on the good people in the world doing good things.  The people that think nothing of donating their money and time to worthy causes. The selfless people. You know, the ones who make me feel really bad for wasting my extra time on sleeping late and watching Netflix instead of helping others. Wait, why am I focusing on them again?

    Oh, right. They’re inspiring.

  • I Crown Thee, Crappy House

    My hallway has a slight funhouse quality to it, minus all the warped mirrors and scary clowns. In other words, it’s got a lot of odd angles. Could I have installed crown molding by myself?

    Hell, yes! I totally could have. But why? I have nothing to prove. I installed crown molding in my dressing room all by myself and it came out awesome. It only took me 9 hours