• My Favorite Things 2015

    It’s finally here! My 3rd annual Favorite Things post! It’s the post that you don’t look forward to all year where I share the things I liked best in 2015…

    Yes, of course I know you’d prefer a post about my slate tile floor, but that’s not done yet, so you’ll just have to be satisfied with this narcissistic post that’s all about things that I love. I mean, it’s a tradition now, so suck it up and keep reading. (Or you can skip to the bottom of this crappy post where I tell you what’s in store for 2016, but you probably won’t feel very good about yourself…)

  • My Tufted Green Velvet Couch

    Sofa, So Good

    I had four months and this crazy idea that I might actually be able to install my floor before my beautiful tufted green velvet couch arrived. I mean… four months. (That’s a third of a year, in case you suck at math.) But four months goes by really quickly. I actually did get some stuff done in that time, but I may have been a bit overly optimistic when I came up with that silly floor idea. (Which is weird, because optimism is totally not my thing.) I promise to fill you guys in on what I’ve accomplished lately, but this post is all about this beauty

    My Tufted Green Velvet Couch