• How to Stop Light Leak With This Easy Fix

    Made in the Shade!

    Wait, what? What did I just write? Made in the shade?¬†What a dumb thing to write. I don’t have it made in the shade. Does anyone have it made in the shade right now? (Except for the companies that make toilet paper, for some reason…) COVID is everywhere! It’s the freaking apocalypse! No, what I meant to write was, I made a shade!

    Window naked_1000px

  • DIY Electrical Wiring

    Sometimes I Like to Pretend I’m an Electrician

    You know the feeling when you shuffle your feet on the carpet and then (accidentally!) touch the cat? (Sorry, Egor…) Touching a live wire is not like that. It’s more of a pulse than a shock. If you were thinking you might like to try it, my advice would be… do not. (I may have just saved your life. You’re welcome.)

    So, why was I playing with electricity? Well, my crappy house had crappy wiring, of course. Aluminum…