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Hi, guys. It’s me. Your favorite blogger who never blogs. If you are one of my followers who wishes I would post more often, well, have I got good news for you! For the last eight years, I’ve had my own successful little freelancing business.

It is now dead. This stupid virus killed it.

(No, that’s not the good news. Keep reading…)

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do now. You know, for money. I’ve heard scattered rumors of people making real money with their blogs. Of course, I am not one of those people, but maybe I could be…

I’ve been researching how to accomplish this and I think I’ve hit on something useful. I think the key to making money at this may be to actually write blog posts on my blog. I know, right? I was shocked too.

There’s probably more to it than that, but I’m going to start there for now. And, hey. Maybe you guys could help me out by sharing my blog and telling your besties about the fun we have over here. And, also, maybe you’d consider subscribing. I promise not to junk up your inbox.

If any of you have any tips for me… (you know, to help me become an internet juggernaut…) please feel free to email me using the contact tab above. I welcome any and all advice. Or if you just want to say hi, that’s nice too.

My goal is to post something new every week. I know. That sounds absolutely ridiculous, considering I now post only about once every three or four months. Maybe it is a bit unrealistic, but I do have incentive to make this work. Namely, survival. So, basically, I’ll be blogging for my life. Yeah, that doesn’t sound dramatic or anything…

I suppose I’ll have to keep up with all of my other accounts too, so please do me a solid and follow me on the Insta, Face, Twit, Pin circuit. ‘Cause we are living in an interwebs world and I am an interwebs girl…

So, that’s my story. Another small business bites the dust. COVID FREAKING 19 may have ended a chapter, but guys, I am so not done writing my book yet! Promise you won’t get sick of me, OK? Pinky swear…

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  • Barbara H.

    Sorry about your business but it sounds like the silver lining, for us, is more blog posts!!! However, I think your estimate of a post every 3-4 months previously might have been a little optimistic. Or maybe it just felt longer to me. No advice, I can’t even post to Instagram on a regular basis so blogging, except for reading them, is not in my skill set. I do follow you and the cats on Instagram (gallant_gardener) so I am faithful to you. Good luck on the money end. I think you have to allow ads to make that work.

    • My Crappy House

      OK, well you got me for last year. I only posted three. But this year I’m already up to four and it’s only August! So, about the ads… I actually do have ads on my site. Are you not seeing them? Because that’s something I’ll (unfortunately, because I HATE ads, but they’re a necessary evil) have to fix.

  • Joan

    I’m already subscribed. I know nothing about blogging, so I’ll just say “Hi!” and hope you tried out your Cricut again using the info I gave you… Is it possible that once this insanity is over you can start your freelancing up again?

    • My Crappy House

      You were so nice to help me with the Cricut. My laziness got the better of me for months, but I FINALLY used it successfully only a week ago when I made a customized frame for my friends birthday. I waited until the very last minute. I seem to do my best work under pressure. Thank you for all of your advice

      As for freelancing, my business depended on the trade show industry. It’ll be years before that comes back in a meaningful way, so I’m moving on. Hopefully, my blog will become wildly successful and I can make my living hanging out with you guys.

    • Joan

      So glad you were finally able to use your Cricut properly! I love mine! Now you can have fun with it! You never know, you might come back into demand before you know it! But, very glad you have a plan. This blog has been so much fun to read to date so looking forward to more content!

    • My Crappy House

      I bought it to make our wedding invitations. I figured it’ll pay for itself. As for the new plan, I’m hoping I won’t need to go back. I much prefer writing and working on the house to designing trade show exhibits…

  • Sue

    YES! Once you start posting again regularly I’ll have friends visiting this site!! Love it & your humor! Married yet or waiting till the virus is over?

    • My Crappy House

      Yay! Our wedding is (and always was) scheduled for May 30, 2021, so hopefully things will be “normal” enough by then. It’s so sad how many brides have had to cancel or postpone their weddings. Hopefully, we’ll get to have our day as planned.

  • Barbara Christianson

    I’ve been following you for a long time and I’m excited to hear you will be posting more often. I am very sorry your work has disappeared (this virus is a life wrecker in so many ways). I follow a number of bloggers and the common thread of the ones that keep my interest is humor and new ideas. I hate when people just keep doing the same type of projects and I love when I’m surprised by the unexpected. Looking forward to some fun posts.

    • My Crappy House

      Yeah, this virus is a real jerk. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t felt it’s negative effects. I do really enjoy writing this blog, so maybe this will be a blessing in disguise. I’m happy to have you following along.

    • Helen Wharton

      Just keep doing exactly what you have been doing. Don’t change your style or anything. You will no doubt attract such a huge “tribe” of eccentric and wonderful readers, who are gonna love and appreciate you just like your existing ones do. If they don’t like you, block them! You have a unique, natural and uplifting writing “voice” and you are hilarious. You are a natural born blogger. You could write about anything and we would love it. The blogging world was made for you. ???

      Really sorry about your career. This pandemic has hit a lot of small businesses hard and affected virtually everyone I know. My husband has had to make a lot of changes with his business, and at times it was scary, but it seems to be working out ok now. ?? We have all been forced to adapt quickly, and rethink our lives with little time to prepare and plan. You are definitely going to have a buy a new crappy house, much worse than the last one, and start all over again.

      From a purely selfish point of view, hooray! I am delighted we will be hearing more from you. You are like crack, very addictive and moreish (I say, as as person who had never even tried smoking and has absolutely no idea what the hell I am talking about). Ok, maybe you are like chocolate then (I am authorised to know how addictive and moreish that is).

      Good luck with your new career. You have my undying support.

      Love Helen (from a really crappy house, in North Wales, UK)

    • My Crappy House

      What a kind post! Comparing me to chocolate is one of my most favorite things to be compared to EVER! I do hope you’re right. I’m so happy to have you in my “tribe”

  • Barbara H.

    Sorry, yes your ads are there. Invisible to my eyes because I was trying to hard to be witty and funny in my comment. Humbled now and will henceforth keep an eagle eye out for them.

  • Deborah W.

    Already a subscriber, and love your posts. Just be your fab scrappy self.
    Oh, and you can’t go wrong with the cats’ pics. I suggest always including them!

    • My Crappy House

      Thank you! That’s my plan… Both to keep being scrappy and to take advantage of the cat cuteness around here.

  • Margaret A. Johnson

    Been following your blog since you first started and stopped training at Nokado. Keeps me up to date on what’s going on in your world. Sorry to hear about your small business biting the dust. Unfortunately I know a few people in the same situation. Sucks when you work so hard to become your own boss and the bottom falls out. Hopefully there’s a silver lining somewhere in this whole mess. P.S. – I’m here on LI until mid to late September. Let me know if you feel like meeting up.

  • Frances Rasmussen

    Sorry COVID-19 sucked the life out of your business. It’s a horrible thing. Will enjoy reading more about your crappy house, though, so your loss is our gain. Hope it’s ultimately your gain, as well.

  • Evy

    You blog so infrequently that I completely forgot to exclude your blog from my ad blocker, which I installed in 2016. I’ve now rectified this situation so that you can get that sweet ad money from my page views. I’m sorry to hear about the demise of your freelance business because you really were living my career (and homeowner) dreams. Alas, my freelance work took a hit as well so here’s cheers to more blog posts, and maybe me dedicating some time everyday to re-read past posts to make up for the ad money I’ve blocked you from getting.

    • My Crappy House

      Ah, sweet, sweet ad money! Profiting off of the work of the devil… Thank you for the white list. I really appreciate it! Ads totally suck, but it’s the world we live in. I’m sorry your freelancing work has suffered. I hope that you’re able to pivot into something new that you enjoy as much as I enjoy writing this blog

  • Em D

    Hello… Sorry about the freelancing. Bummer.

    Well, I always get excited to read your very unCrappy posts when they pop up. Not even sure how I found you, but I like your writing style and you do some darn good home improvement!

    I don’t blog for money, just unbridled fame and adulation.
    I’ve gotten that fix once a month because over the past year I agreed to join a group of bloggers in a monthly collaborative/themed post, which ups my numbers considerably for several days. It’s a little light on the fame and adulation, but I’ve met some nice people, and some of them actually appreciate my twisted sense of humor.

    It has also guaranteed that I’ve actually posted SOMEthing once a month…even though I really haven’t posted about my DIY adventures that are still ongoing (and which was the intended purpose of my blog.)

    Also, they are style bloggers, so I am looking for an additional collab with home/DIY peeps. It’s not complex, we write about a common theme and at the end we just link to each other’s blogs. Any thoughts?

    Sorry for not emailing you privately. It’s the end of the day and I’m too lazy to look for your contact info. Feel free to just delete this comment if you have no interest. And good luck either way! I hope the ad money flows like the water that ran into our house when we first moved in.

    • My Crappy House

      OK, it’s nearly midnight right now, but I wanted to pop over to your blog and see what you’re all about. I just read the post about your haircut and your doodled before picture is freaking funny! (Nice job on the after, btw.)

      I would love to collaborate with you in a DIY theme-y capacity. I’ll poke around your site tomorrow for contact info, so be on the lookout for an email from me…

  • Maria Bingham

    Yea, more posts will be great! I followed you some time ago because of your scrappy writing style so more is better!! I appreciate your sharing home diy projects, cats and life changes. Sorry your biz was squashed by Covid, but know you will have my views for as long as you have the blog… -Maria

  • Charmaine Ortega

    Love it!! I’m taking the day off AND I’m calling it Crappy House Blog Readers day too!
    Keep writing! I am loving it!
    (where did you get the photo of the bathroom/kitchen combo??)

    • My Crappy House

      I love it! It’s a crappy celebration all around! I just did a Google search for the pic. I think it originated on a Craig’s List post. I know NYC has apartments with bathtubs in kitchens, but a toilet was a first for me.

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