• How Can We Get Some Backyard Privacy?

    Privacy, Please

    When I first moved into My Crappy House in 2011, my neighbors, both to my right and to my left, were drummers who liked to practice outdoors in their respective backyards. Seriously. What are the freaking odds? Eventually, it got too cold outside to play. Then, finally, mercifully, they both moved away. Ahh, peace…

    But not for long.

  • I Am a Professional

    Let’s See What This Blog Can Really Do…

    Hi, guys. It’s me. Your favorite blogger who never blogs. If you are one of my followers who wishes I would post more often, well, have I got good news for you! For the last eight years, I’ve had my own successful little freelancing business.

    It is now dead. This stupid virus killed it.

    (No, that’s not the good news. Keep reading…)