• The Surprise We Found Recorded on Our Ring Camera

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    They’re Heeeere…

    A crappy house is a pretty good crime deterrent. I think the bad guys must figure that a crappy house probably contains crappy stuff, so they don’t even bother. (Low return on crime investment, I guess.) But our house is looking less and less crappy these days, and the less crappy our house looks, the more security becomes a concern.

    The surprise we found recorded on our ring camera

    With that in mind, Schmoopy bought one of those Ring Floodlight Cameras to mount on the garage. We love it. Not only is the motion light very convenient, but knowing we’ll have video of the bad guys when they rob us is strangely comforting.

    So far, we haven’t recorded any criminal activity, but we were surprised by what we found was going on in the wee hours. We had no idea…