Celebrate Me

October 3rd is National Crappy House Day! (Good thing it’s a Saturday so you don’t have to explain to your boss why you can’t go into work…) Not only is it my birthday (for reals), but it’s also my blog’s birthday as well. What a coincidence! (Hey, that’s joincidence with a “c”…)

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Two years ago, today, I decided to channel my narcissism and launched this spectacular blog you’re reading right now. I opened up my house and my head to people I don’t know and all sorts of stuff fell out. And you guys seem to find that stuff interesting, which really appeals to my inner attention whore.

Whether you’ve been with me since the beginning, or you’re a new follower, I thought today was a good day to say thanks for bothering to read what I write. Because if it weren’t for you, well, I’d still be writing this blog, but it’s more fun for me if people actually read it.

And if you feel like celebrating my special day, feel free to send me a card. Or a stove. Whatever.

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