I Know My Limits

Sometimes a job is just too big. Even for me. As much as I like to be the one who does all the work so I can brag about it and then you guys can tell me how amazing I am, sometimes I have to just get the hell out of the way and let a pro take over. This job was over my head. Literally.

I rarely talk about the outside of my house because A: It’s ugly. And B: Everything I’ve done on it, I’ve had done on it. And who wants to see someone else working on my crappy house? Nobody does. It’s all about me, people…

That’s what my house looked like when I bought it. Now I have a new roof, new front steps, a pretty new bay window, a new front door and new gutters and soffits. All done by people who are not me. And therefore, totally uninteresting.

One of my biggest upgrades was the back of my house. When I first moved in, it was leaking. A lot. My cousin and my dad ripped off the whole thing and replaced it. (I told you about it, remember?)

The sides needed to be replaced too, but they weren’t leaking yet, so there was no rush. So, for the last four years, my neighbors have had a spectacular view of Tyvek. Whatever. They don’t care. My neighborhood has no pride.

You would think I might have gotten around to having those sides replaced in the last four years so I could put some siding on my Tyvek ghetto house, but my focus has been on the inside because that’s the part I have to look at. The outside wasn’t really on my mind until the Tyvek started to fail this year. It’s really not meant to stay exposed indefinitely. Who knew?

So, hiatus over. Time to finish the job. Once my cousin was able to fit me into his busy schedule, the whole thing was done in only four days. He’s freaking fast. Fun fact: while he was outside working, I was inside with the stomach flu waiting to die. Still, I managed to drag myself outside to take these pictures for you. Who’s dedicated? (That would be me. I am.)

As usual, he did an awesome job. He even rewrapped the back. My Tyvek ghetto house has to last one more New York winter. In the spring, I’m going to put vinyl siding on the back and sides (Actually no, I’m going to have someone else do that too. It’s more complicated than you might think.) and paint the front cedar shingles to match. And then the outside won’t be crappy anymore! Well, the outside of the house won’t be crappy. The property on which it sits… whole other story…

*UPDATE* The siding did not happen in 2016. And I did not have someone else do that. It was not more complicated than you might think. It’s all done and you can see it here. How’s that for instant gratification?

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  • Edgar (Roxanne) Martin

    Vickiann, you are truly an amazing person, as effective with your hammer blows as you are with your keystrokes. As you have seen, Tyvek does not last forever, and neither should adversity. God forbid that you should ever feel as though your work was complete, but then, I might just live long enough to see the first female president!

    • My Crappy House

      I don’t know… complete would be nice, but it’s far, far (far far far far) away… Nice to hear from you, Edgrr.

    • My Crappy House

      That’s classified, but I will tell you it’s my favorite color of the moment. If you’ve been paying attention, then you know

  • Mary Hamilton

    Hey! It’s looking good. Congratulations on your progress. I’m just wondering what you will call your blog after “My Crappy House” isn’t so crappy any more…”My Ex Crappy House”? I have an Ex that’s crappy. Just thought I’d share that tidbit of info you aren’t interested in.

    • My Crappy House

      Well, that’s a looooong way off, but I guess maybe that will be the end of this story and I’ll have to start a new one!

      (Sorry about your crappy ex. Crappy houses are better.)

  • WorthyStyle

    I continue to be so impressed by all the improvements on the house! Totally awesome. I have to ask though – doesn’t the Tyvek totally F with the energy efficiency? Aren’t your electrical bills obscenely high?

    • My Crappy House

      So far, not really. Well, I have oil heat, but it hasn’t had a negative effect so far. This winter may be different because I just had the east and west walls done. The back gets full sun all day, so that helped these past few years. My house is already insulated pretty well, but next spring I’ll be installing vinyl siding with built in insulation which will up the R value even further. Just one more winter to get through!

  • Louise

    I cannot tell you how much I laugh when I read your posts! As someone who lived for 10 years as a single female DIYer, I can totally relate. Your projects are making your house look really good! Plus your writing style, well, just rocks really hard. Keep up the awesome blogging!

    • My Crappy House

      Thank you! I’m having so much fun! Well, the writing is fun. The DIY sucks. I just like the end part where everyone says WOW!

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