It’s Curtains for Me…

No, I’m not dying! Jeez! How morbid are you? I’m talking about real curtains! That I bought! For this windowSheesh…

Leaving this window uncovered creates a sort of fishbowl situation in my living room. And I am just too cute to be walking um… swimming(?) around an exposed… er… bowl.  #metaphorfail OK. So, unfortunately, as much as I love this dark gray color that I just painted this window, I had to cover it up…

With sheers. (yawn)

Don’t worry. I’m not done.

Let’s revisit my design plan, shall we? Brick? Check. Gray walls? Check. Chandelier? Check. Awesome industrial TV stand that I never really mentioned before that was a housewarming gift from four years ago that I was keeping in my bedroom because I didn’t want it to get ruined, but that I’ve finally now brought into the living room where it belongs? Check. And now, curtains! Big fat check!

Curtains are wicked expensive. Sometimes I make my own to save money, but sometimes they go on sale. And then sometimes I get a 30% off coupon on top of that sale which makes it very worthwhile to buy them. I got these at Kohl’s.

Here’s a close up of the fabric pattern. Pretty…

But wait! Look how pretty the other side is…

Damn you, curtain making people! Why would you have both sides look so pretty and not make these reversible curtains? I mean, if you had made them reversible, there’s a good chance that I would have been perfectly content to like the right side, but since you suck and did not make them reversible…

…of course I like the “wrong” side better. Now I have to alter them so the hems face the other way. (Like I don’t have enough to freaking do.) In the meantime, they’re just hanging there all backwards. Don’t tell anyone. They could be this way for a while…

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but I really am making progress. Things have come a long way. Remember when my living room looked like this?

Ahh. Good times.

I don’t mind showing you the room as it is now as long as you vow to ignore the things that aren’t done yet. Please read this next part out loud. (Yes, even if there are people around. Vows are supposed to have witnesses anyway.)

“I, (state your name), do solemnly swear that I will refrain from commenting on the sheet covered chair or too small rug or ugly lamp on the crappy table or the ottoman nonsense or anything else that has yet to be completed in this room. I understand that Princess Spackle has no money and is also very lazy, so progress takes a very, very long time. I am thankful that she writes these exceptionally entertaining blog posts to chronicle her excruciatingly slow renovation process. I am not at all losing patience with her. I truly believe she will, one day, finish work on her crappy house and it will be glorious. I just hope I am alive to see it.”

Well done. I now grant you viewing clearance. I’ve gone ahead and “X’d” out everything that you’re not supposed to comment on so you don’t get confused and accidentally break your vow. Who’s got your back? (I do.)

I know. The Xs are in the way. Okay, go ahead and click the picture to see it without them. I trust you.

Yep, that’s a new TV. That was my Christmas present from me to me. Well, one of my presents from me to me. I was really good this past year…

Let’s end this post with a pointless poll:

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  • Jess

    I LOVE the living room! Keep the x’s, they tie everything together! (Kidding – it does look incredible, though.) I also like the “wrong” side of the curtains, but they wouldn’t have made the wrong side so pretty if it was really wrong, right?

    • My Crappy House

      Haha they do, right? I just think the curtain people were stupid and I know better. Well, we know better…

    • My Crappy House

      Aww I shouldn’t have made conflicting answers. I know you guys all love my boy. More importantly, he knows you love him

      The truth is, he doesn’t claw my curtains. He much prefers my couch…

  • Cheridal Nicholson

    This is a tough decision but I really do like Egor best! Seriously, the curtains look great the way they’re hanging which I believe is the wrong side. But what really impresses me is the TV with the blue light behind it! Nice! Love to Egor!

    • My Crappy House

      I guess I did make the poll difficult putting Egor in there… lol The blue light is from IKEA – it’s called Dioder. I bought two sets for my 55″ tv. I can make the glow any color – my only complaint is when I have it on white, or anything near white, it shuts off for like 10 seconds every minute or so. I don’t know if I got a defective one or what. It’s weird.

  • Le

    Oh, I thought you did that tv glow in photoshop. That’s cool. I vote for the wrong side of the curtains. It’s so pretty. Zero says hi to cousin Egor. Please pass it on to him.

    • My Crappy House

      Nope, no Photoshop. OK, well the Xs are Photoshopped in, but that’s it. The glow is authentic.

      Egor says hi back. He wants to eat meet Zero…

  • Susan

    I guess I am alone in this – – I like the lighter, right side. But I do like the Egor the best. Really love the lights behind the TV. Does the white generate too much heat, and is going off purposely. Just a thought, I’m not really that good in that department. FYI, just finished painting my bedroom in a beautiful grey called “Gravity”. How old am I, I keep thinking of that song from the movie “Cocoon” when all of those old people are dancing.

    • My Crappy House

      Well, the curtain making people like the lighter side too, so you’re not alone. Regarding the TV lights – that’s all I could think of too, but really, they’re LED lights and they don’t get hot at all. It’s so weird. Can’t wait to see your bedroom. I don’t know the song you mean, but now John Mayer’s Gravity is in my head. Not a bad song, so I can deal with that if it sticks

  • Jenny

    If you go stand outside and look through the windows, the curtains are facing the right way (heehee) And I like the crappy lamp, but not the lamp shade. No that I would mention that at all since it’s on the list of things not to mention.

    • My Crappy House

      lol yes! The public does see the curtains the “right” way. Good point!

      And I know you didn’t break the vow…

  • Charmaine

    I think you have awesome taste! And since it is TOTALLY about the journey, I don’t think you should be in a hurry to finish this house…and Egor knows it all, doesn’t he, right??

    • My Crappy House

      Thank you! It IS about the journey. I’m glad you support my snail’s pace And yes, Egor is very wise…

  • Missy

    I like both sides so I say you switch them around every month. It will give you something to do whilst you wait for me to win powerball and give you the rest of the money you need to finish your semi-crappy house. That’s what I’m calling it now because it’s not so crappy anymore. Can you please take on the floor like REAL soon because I have to do the floors in my house and I’d like some valuable advice…and maybe some what NOT to do’s in case you make any mistakes that I can avoid. Thanks in advance!

    • My Crappy House

      I love the sentiment, but I have an image of myself at 80 still hanging and unhanging these damned curtains waiting for you to win the lottery. I’m afraid you’ll be installing your floors before I do. Lucky for me though that YOU will be able to tell ME what mistakes to avoid

  • lisa

    When I got to the part about turning the hem around I had this bizarre idea that you can totally ignore but here it is: leave the hem the way it is and hot glue/stitch/attach “decorative trim” at the top of the hem where it meets the wrong-right side and it’ll totally look like it was meant to be that way! If you don’t believe me, ask Egor.

    • My Crappy House

      That’s definitely a good idea, but I have a little bit of OCD when it comes to stuff like this. I have to un and then re-hem. I also want to sew the panels together (I have 2 on each side), so it’s not like I’ll be saving myself sewing. Thanks for trying to make my life easier though

  • Tina

    Is it totally selfish of me to be grateful that the reno is, “excruciatingly slow”? I don’t want you to ever be done… I love Love LOVE your blog, your wicked skills, your taste, your wit and your cat.

  • Whitney of WorthyStyle

    I love how you have found a way to mix different trends, textures, and patterns into such a beautifully cohesive (work-in-progress) room! I adore grey and damask times infinity. It’s our dining room’s interior design plan we just have to uh… find $$ for it to be done. ha!

    • My Crappy House

      Thank you! I really just do what I like and I don’t bother with what’s “in”. At the end of the day (or decade, in my case…) I’m the one who has to live here. $$ is always the obstacle, isn’t it? Stupid money…

  • Stephanie

    I’m late to the show, but better late than …. anyway – you’ve done great things since I last checked in. Loving your crappy house. I too have my own crappy house and love working on it. Anyway, to improve one of your checked off to-do crappy items, and because I saw an article this morning on eight things to do with 2×4’s, why not take those cushions off those two ottomans, get a few 2×4’s (out of your basement I’d be guessing) and adhere them to the metal frames with some large bolts – with a little dark stain in the mix -instant industrial coffee table . Just a thought.

    • My Crappy House

      You’re not wrong! That’s a great idea. And those ottomans (Target special) are definitely only temporary, but I’m not sure what they’re destined to be just yet. I like the way you think!

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