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I dreamed of an end table that was smart and courageous with a lot of heart. (Which is a weird list of requirements for an end table, but just go with it.) I searched high and low. Near and far. Had there been a Wizard, I… well, I probably wouldn’t have wasted my one ‘Wizard ask’ on a silly end table, but in the end, it didn’t matter. It was right there with me all along! If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own crappy house. What do you have in your inventory? Shop your own house and see…

That’s My Spot

This used to be my spot on the couch. I had found an end table, that was the perfect height for reaching my tea, and this “C” shaped table was the perfect place to rest a cereal bowl or a dinner plate (just in case I ever ate a meal in the living room which was 100% of the time because what kind of weirdo eats a meal at the table when they live alone?). I spent many nights here with my feet up, a bowl of macaroni and cheese, snuggling with Egor and watching The Big Bang Theory. Good times…

Green couch in living room

Similar End Table | Walnut C Table | Similar SofaSimilar Afghan | My Favorite Mug

When Schmoopy moved in, he took my spot. Like, he just took it. I ended up scooting down the couch, me and my C table, and mostly sitting on the crack between the cushions because Schmoopy likes to snuggle (and I guess I do too…) so the opposite end of the couch was too far away.

And, even if I did move to the far end, I wouldn’t have had a table to put my tea on. (Unless I moved the C table between us and I think Schmoopy would’ve misinterpreted that as I sign that I was breaking up with him.)

My new spot on the green couch in the living room

Similar End Table | Walnut C Table | Similar SofaSimilar Afghan

So this has been our arrangement for the last three years. The couch is starting to wear unevenly and I’m getting tired of sitting in the crack.

The Perfect End Table

I’ve been hunting for the perfect end table for the other end of the couch for ages. I bought this little one from Marshall’s on impulse because it was only $25, but it was also missing its glass top and the frame was a little bit skewed. I thought I could fix it. Would fix it. Alas, I did not fix it, so it’s been this useless, broken piece of furniture taking up space in my living room for the last few years.

Metal and wood end table next to green couch

Similar Side Table | Laptop Bag

And notice how freaking short it is. How would I ever even reach my tea on such a low table? I don’t know what I was thinking.

So, the hunt continued, but with new search parameters. I obviously needed something taller (nearly even with the sofa arm), with room for storage (because I have tons of crap), and, ideally, it would have a place for me to put my laptop (which was always on the ottoman, at constant risk of being kicked to the floor by one careless leg stretch).

Laptop on an ottoman in the living room

Walnut C Table | Similar SofaSimilar Afghan

A few weeks ago, I went into Home Sense looking for some wedding stuff (seventeen days, people!) and I spotted a piece of furniture with potential. Kinda plain, but it was solid wood and only $100, so I bought it.

Wooden end table with shelves next to couch

Similar SofaSimilar Afghan | Greige Chair | Similar Floor Lamp | Similar Floating Shelves

It satisfies the laptop storage criteria in a big way. See it there, tucked away in the top cubby? Like, could that little shelf be any more perfect? Schmoopy even loved this table, but, unfortunately, it was too low for me to reach my tea.

(Tea accessibility is a major priority for me, in case you weren’t getting that.)

Shop Your Own House

End table with tea upon it next to sofa

Similar Mug | Artwork

I was going to return it, but then I had a thought. I have this other cabinet in my dining room where our record player lives…

Wooden cabinet with record player on top

Similar Side TableSimilar Record Player | Amazon Echo

What if I switched them?

Wooden cabinet with shelves and record player on top

Our vintage dynamite box of record albums fits! I bet I could find a couple more vintage boxes for the other shelves.

So far, so good… How about the other one?

Dark wood end table in living room

Similar Side Table | Similar SofaSimilar Afghan | Similar End Table | Artwork

Not bad! It might be slightly too tall, but I can cut the legs down an inch or so if it bothers me. My laptop fits perfectly in the space below. I’m now on the hunt for an old crate or basket to put in front of it to keep it from sliding around. All in all, this was a successful swap!

Living room with wooden end table green sofa gray chair

Similar Side TableSimilar SofaSimilar Afghan | Greige Chair | Similar Floor Lamp | Similar Floating Shelves

Guys, I’m telling you! Shop your own house! Just because a thing has lived in the same spot for forever doesn’t mean it can’t live somewhere else. You can refresh a whole room sometimes just by moving things from other places in your home.

Wooden end table green velvet couch

Similar Side Table | Similar SofaSimilar Afghan

So, this cabinet lives here now. I actually really love this piece and I think it’s happy in its new spot. What treasures have you forgotten you already own?

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  • Katherine Davies

    I listened to your podcast and, well, ewwww. The bedbug story. Otherwise it was an excellent podcast and you have a lovely voice.

    You’re still writing! But I’m glad you posted this, because it’s something I’ve always believed in – take a fresh look at what you’ve got. I got it from my Mom – she did it out of necessity and I do it for that reason, too, but also because it’s fun!

    I’m getting so excited about your wedding! It’s the day after my birthday and I’ll consider it a little birthday present when you’re able to tell us all about it AND post pictures! Can’t wait. ?

    • My Crappy House

      Oh, wow. I’ll have to listen to it again. I didn’t remember talking about my bed bugs. And, yes. Ew indeed! I always cringe when I hear my own voice because it sounds so different in my head, but I guess that’s a common thing. I thought my singing voice was decent, but hearing that recorded is just plain awful

      I am SO excited to tell you guys about my wedding! The prep is coming along. I even have a few post ideas for the next couple of weeks, so I’m HOPING to keep my weekly schedule intact. I might take one week off while we’re on our honeymoon. I haven’t decided yet.

      I also do want to post about my rugs. I feel like you don’t often see them layered and I just love the look. Thanks for noticing

  • Katherine Davies

    Oops, forgot to say I love how you’ve switched the tables and I love your living room and I am definitely going to steal your idea with the rugs. So pretty!

  • Marilyn

    Sometimes someone says something and WAM!! it opens your eyes and you think to yourself, WHY DIDNT I THINK I OF THAT!! This was a really FUN and SMART post and I LOVED it! I get BORED with the house looking the same and who has the dollars to go furniture shopping all the time! Today I am going to take a trip right around my own house and change a few things, get a new perspective! THANKS for the INSPIRATION!

    • My Crappy House

      I’m glad I helped! I think this comes from my childhood when I would rearrange my room on a bi-weekly basis. It makes me happy to get stuff new life in a new spot. And it’s FREE!

  • Barbara H.

    Nice swap! Maybe those rubber pads under the feet to keep it from sliding? That might add too much height, though. I shop my house all the time – furniture re-arranger from way back. So does the fact that you need an end table on the other end mean you and Schmoopy are sitting apart now?

    • My Crappy House

      That’s a good idea! I could use one of those rubber grippies that are for cabinet drawers. I’m happy to know a fellow re-arranger. When I was a kid, I moved my room around constantly. There was not a configuration that I didn’t do.

      Good question about the logistics. Schmoopy and I sit apart whist drinking our evening tea, and then HE scoots over to ME.

  • Joan

    Yep. Always amazing how rearranging furniture can totally change things up. Sometimes the smallest of changes make huge differences.

    • My Crappy House

      It’s so true! I fall in love with my stuff all over again when I find a new spot for it.

  • Em

    Some of my favorite spots in our house came to be by repurposing other stuff in new ways. Your table swaparoonie was perfect! Loove the vintage album box…too!

    Your space has a great, fun mix of edge and personality along with the comfort and style. I think it’s unusual to get all those things right. You have that knack!

    Also…you have a podcast?!! How am I missing this!!!

    • My Crappy House

      Here I was thinking that I’d be teaching you guys something, but most of you already do the same thing! I guess I’m not surprised though. My readers are creative and smart, so it makes sense that they’re already wise to some of my not so secret methods. That’s why we all get along so freaking well

      I don’t have a podcast, but Doug from has interviewed me a couple of times for his. Hopefully, there will be more.

  • Natasha King

    I love this! I’ve shopped my house for my new tiered tray hobby- and I find it fun and challenging to shop my house and not spend money. Love the post. The reject table was very cool too… what happened to that ? Put in timeout in the garage until further notice?

    • My Crappy House

      Well, lazy girl that I am, it’s still sitting in my living room. Just in the middle of the floor. Surrounded by the wedding paraphernalia that is slowly swallowing my house… I plan to sell it to someone else who has a mind to repair it, like I once did.

    • My Crappy House

      I’m with you! I MUCH prefer lamps to overhead lighting. (I did put recessed lights in, but they’re on a dimmer and I keep them super low just for ambiance.) I am on the hunt for a lamp for that table. Maybe even a floor lamp that would fit next to it? I’ll know it when I see it…

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