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The Heat is On!

OMG, do I suck at making decisions! I agonize over them. Because once I choose something, it’s chosen. I have to live with it. No backsies. It’s ridiculously easy for me to remain stalled in a state of indecision purgatory. It’s sooo comfortable here. I have Netflix and Doritos here. Who needs a kitchen? And as long I remain here, my house is firmly grounded in potential. It could be anything when it grows up. And I can keep hoping it will win a scholarship to pay for it all. My crappy house imagining it was a beautiful Victorian house

Yeah, right. Keep dreaming, house.

Not only do I suck at making decisions, but I also carry the burden of being a control freak. I have never gotten a haircut that I didn’t go home and “fix” myself. The toilet paper goes over the roll. If I’m ever at your house and I see that you have it under, I will switch it for you. (You’re welcome.)

The right and wrong way to hang a roll of toilet paper If I could create a new species of tree for my floor with the exact color and grain of American Walnut and the durability of granite, I would. If I could weave my own Egor-proof fabric and then dye it the precise shade of green I have been imagining for my sofa, I would do that. If I could find a cure for my debilitating mental illnesses, I would totally do that.

But I can’t. Because I’m not a scientist. Or a botanist. Or a fabric weaver dyer person. I’m just a lazy girl in need of some motivation.

Enter Macy’s

Macys Furniture Gallery Mall Entrance

It all started a week ago…


I’m at the mall intending to try on some jeans at American Eagle (why is it so freaking hard to find a pair of jeans that fits my ass?), which happens to be right next to Macy’s Furniture Gallery. I swear, I only went in there to browse. I promised no less than four salespeople that I was not ready to buy anything. And then I spotted this dreamy Martha Stewart sofa…

The Martha Stewart Saybridge Tufted Sofa from Macys

Martha doesn’t call it a Chesterfield; she calls hers the Saybridge, but it looks quite Chesterfieldy to me. And very affordable… Against my better judgement, I sat on the thing. It was quite comfortable. And then I couldn’t stop myself from browsing the swatches. There was a green that was quite lovely. Then *poof* a saleslady materialized to tell me that colors get discontinued all the time. Now I’m feeling like, if I don’t buy this couch right now, I could miss out on what has now become (the longer I look at it) the perfect shade of green.

Well played, Macy’s saleslady. Well played…

Color swatches for the Martha Stewart Saybridge Tufted Sofa from Macys

The Martha Stewart Saybridge Tufted Sofa from Macys

The Martha Stewart Saybridge Tufted Sofa from Macys

If you remember, I had it all planned to buy a couch from The Comfortable Couch Company. Probably in like 2017… 2018 at the latest… My dream couch…

A green, tufted Chesterfield from the Comfortable Couch Company


I have no doubt, The CoCoCo would kick Martha Stewart’s crafty ass in a quality brawl, but Martha has a serious price advantage. Plus, she can probably make a shank with her prison training. It was a tough call, so I brought in mom to help. Mommy say:

Relax. You should buy the cheap couch and use the extra money for your floor. You won’t ever replace the floor, but you can always buy a better couch.

So, judge rules for Martha. My new Saybridge sofa is arriving in 6 to 8 weeks.

The Martha Stewart Saybridge Tufted Sofa from Macys

Surprisingly, the thought of the impending delivery of my fancy Martha Stewart sofa has spurred me into action. I want to see just how much I can accomplish before it’s arrival. I believe I have finally picked out a wood floor for the living room. And a floor for the dining room. And a floor for the basement. Of course, until the moment of actual installation, I may probably will change my mind, but still; I want to finalize these decisions now. Wanting totally counts as progress.

I’ll share all of these floor choices with you in my next post. Right now, I need to focus on the yard sale I’m having in just two weeks to get rid of tons of basement crap. Maybe I’ll write a post about that too. Yard sales are fascinating, right?

Meh. You guys’ll read anything…


***Time travel links! My pretty sofa has arrived! See it here. My wood floor turned out just how I’d envisioned. See that here. My dining room floor was a bitch to install, but it’s gorgeous. That’s here. Oh, and I did have that stupid yard sale. Read all about that here.

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  • Jengland

    I like the style of this couch better than the “Comfortable Couch” one. Even in that shade of green. I know I have good taste because I’m experienced (old). I may even be more experienced(older)than your mother. Good Choice.

    • My Crappy House

      I was initially disappointed that the tufting doesn’t look as dramatic on the Martha one, but those folds are probably more annoying to keep clean. As for the color, I had already been thinking I should go more muted than I had originally planned, so when I saw this color I was pretty excited. It’s not too vivid, but still bold. I can’t wait to see it on the couch

    • My Crappy House

      Well, ‘ello! Thanks for reading my blog from across the pond. And thanks for weighing in. The more people that support my decision, the less neurotic I will be while I wait for it to arrive.

      I’m about to make myself a spot o tea. With a Lipton tea bag and microwaved water… (sorry!)

  • judy

    Hey nice to see you again….and I love your couch choice-it’s purty and I share with you the ability to pick out the most scrumptious things of Beauty that are only affordable by Humans several hundred levels up the class pyramid than I. I should have been born in that Victorian that you imagine is your houses eventual destiny. Your wit is hilarious, post more, please & thanks.

    • My Crappy House

      Totally unfair, but yes. My middle class budget doesn’t stretch nearly as far as I would like it to. Maybe someday…

  • marilyn

    Ohhh, I love that couch and it looks like “you”! Great color, also “you”! Can’t wait to see the floor! Let’s talk soon, miss you!

  • Sharon Turner

    Frankly, the sofa that you chose looks quite plush and doesn’t look cheap at all (of course, you didn’t actually say how much it costs). The softer moss green is much kinder on the eyes than the other jeweled green, which I would tire of quickly. All in all, I think a very good choice!

    • My Crappy House

      I totally agree! The other green was a bit too intense and I had already decided to go a bit more muted. I think this color will be perfect. This sofa was less than half the cost of the other and I also got a matching ottoman. Like I said, I’m sure there’s no comparison on quality and I know the fabric is cheaper for sure (mine is microfiber while they use real velvet), but my budget just won’t allow me that luxury for a while. I think making this purchase now is going to help get me back on track. I feel much more productive lately!

  • Julie Perkins

    Can I just say, as I was reading this post and then saw the photo of the sofa, I kept thinking, “Buy the sofa! Buy the sofa! BUY THE SOFA!”, like I had a stake in it or something. Then,YOU BOUGHT THE SOFA! I’m thrilled for all of us who are living vicariously through you!

    Looking forward to seeing what you choose for your floors because I know it will inform my decision for my new floors.



    • My Crappy House

      Thanks, Julie! I’m glad I bought the sofa too! And I’ve got a LOT of floor stuff to tell you guys about. I’m driving myself insane with it all, but hopefully, some of it will be helpful for you

  • Cheryl

    Maybe you can take the feet off the Martha Stewart sofa and find feet like the Comfortable couch. Love those feet. Good luck!! Can’t wait for the next post to see what’s next.

    • My Crappy House

      Yep, I totally googled turned legs the day I bought it. I found some nice ones on Amazon, but I’m going to see if I can find them local to save on shipping. You guys know me so well!

  • Miz Kizzle

    Where did you get the picture of my house that you used in your “dream house” thought bubble?
    Ha! Just kidding! My house is a horrible POS.
    Anyway, I like the couch from Macy’s. The Comfortable Couch that was your first choice is nice, but there’s something creepy about its legs. They look like they could skitter around the living room when you’re asleep late at night, like a couch from a Gahan Wilson cartoon.

    • My Crappy House

      lol funny you should mention the legs… I plan to switch them out to turned legs when I get it. But I’m totally cool if they want to skitter around at night, as long as they don’t scratch my wood floors. Egor might really enjoy that…

  • Ellen

    Good move — you need something comfy upon which to enjoy Netflix and nachos. You also have a smart mother. Good luck with your new legs — I once raised a sofa with blocks of 4/4’s I cut on my very own mitre saw. I added some fancy 5″ bouillion fringe to camouflage same. I probably spelled that wrong, as it it red-underlined.

  • Susan Kuehne

    I like the couch and I love when the price is right. You can always add pillows to ‘set the tone’ and or ‘mood’ you want. I originally thought this was a “I’m starting my kitchen” post.
    Hey, congrats on your SD win. Awesome.
    Also, wanted to let you know I’ve been working on my bedroom and fashioning it like one of your “gray” posts a while back. My pop color is purple.

    • My Crappy House

      The “I’m starting my kitchen” post is pretty far away

      I’m planning purple for my bedroom too. Great minds…

  • Le

    Hello from China! The internet here is terribly laggy and only lets me type one word every 5 minutes. That sentence just took me 1 hour and 20 minutes. >.< I liked the couch. I did really like the legs to the old one though. I can't see the color very well from the laggy internet connection. But hopefully I'll see it soon.

    You're so funny. That saleslady got you good! I need to learn from her.

    • My Crappy House

      lol China is totally laggy. I already picked replacement legs that look like the other. I have a color swatch I’ll show you when you get back to the super fast USA. See you soon!

  • Cari

    I too have been sofa shopping and I am leery of anything that hasn’t been butt tested. I think you are better off having tried out that Martha version. Switching out the legs will totally improve the looks and will allow you to adjust the height for a more personalized height. I also agree with the more muted color. It has more longevity, if lacking the fun and vibrant vibe of your desired green.

    Love your mother’s thought bubble – hilarious!

    • My Crappy House

      I can’t say enough good things about The Comfortable Couch Company. I actually did go all the way to North Carolina to sit my butt down on their couches. They’re super comfortable. Their company name does not lie. I know that the couch I get will not be made as well as theirs, but for me, cost is a priority right now, so I’ve got to compromise. I don’t feel like I’ve compromised on color though. I’m really happy with this more muted green. I think it’s going to look pretty. Thanks for reading!

  • Lynn

    So glad you bought the sofa. Yay for you! I’m a sister in indecision, so I can relate. Can’t wait to see your continued “wanting” progress. Cuz, yep. That totally counts.

    • My Crappy House

      Haha it sucks, right? I annoy myself with my indecision. But I’m totally making some real ones over here. Things are happening!

  • Renee

    Love your taste! I was half a second away from buying your sofa twin in red a few weeks ago. Sadly, the couch needs to sit in front of a window and tape measurements revealed the gorgeous high back would interfere with the dogs’ ability to properly survey the neighbourhood. Settled for a slightly less awesome one and awaiting the arrival. New couch is still red though and I’m absolutely going to steal your leg replacement hack!

    • My Crappy House

      I love a bold color couch! Good for you for not going the boring beige route! (No offense to you boring beige people intended…) Doesn’t it suck when our house doesn’t want to accommodate the stuff we want? I really want a piano, but I’ve got no place for one Oh well. I’m sure your new couch will be awesome. Especially with sexy new legs!

  • MJ

    The sofa you chose is a classic style. I know because i bought its close relative in 1973! Mine was covered in fake leather and it was so well made I later had it reupholstered in the same fabric as the one you sat on but didn’t buy. Classic, I tell you. It might be less expensive than the Comfortable Couch, but I think it will fit whatever style furnishings you might migrate to over the years. I let my classic go to Restore in 2010. Thirty-seven years is a good run for a sofa. I wish you as many years with this one as it takes to get the one that makes your heart throb.
    btw, do I intuit correctly that this one is long enough for your honey to lie down full length when he is having a “sick day”?
    My sweetie loved our couch as he could really relax and snuggle into it on the miserable flu-y days.

    • My Crappy House

      I agree – I think I picked a winner. I can’t wait to see it all done in the green I picked!

      You do intuit correctly that this could be long enough for someone’s honey to lie down on, but it’s just Egor and I for now. He’d be a pretty crappy honey for making me do all of this work by myself, wouldn’t you say?

  • the misfit

    Martha lies – that is DEFINITELY a Chesterfield. And I love it. Glad you bought it. Very excited to hear about the flooring progress! Can’t wait! As to turned legs available without paying shipping – perhaps:


    (I browse the lumber section a lot.)

  • Sharon Turner

    Popped on to check for new post (don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath!). I noticed a couple of new comments above. Was the CCC sofa longer than the Macy’s? They have that extra leg(s) in the middle, and the Macy’s does not. What say you?

    • My Crappy House

      That particular CCC in the pic is longer, but I wouldn’t have gotten the jumbo size. The Macy’s one should be a perfect size.

      New post in a few days! I’m gathering photos. Almost there…

  • G

    This is an excellent choice. Color and style are classic. Pat yourself on the back, picking out a couch is a huge decision! This color looks a lot like (Peppermint Bliss/Biscuit) Bailey’s couch, and hers is lovely in all her changing residences.
    I too was getting nervous with your story, I think your saleslady saved your life. You needed this couch.

    • My Crappy House

      Haha don’t be nervous! As long as I’m working on this crappy house, I’ll be blogging about it. The posts may be few and far between, but they’ll keep coming until I’m done. And, let’s be real. That ain’t gonna be until like 2020 at least…

      I’m glad you approve of my selection! I’m excited to get it! October 17 is delivery day… And you KNOW I’ll be posting about that!

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