Personal Humor

Not everything is about DIY. I mean, I do have a life. Sometimes funny stuff happens. Get to know me on a personal level with these off-topic posts.

  • I went to CHINA!

    No, not the big pile of dishes in my mom’s breakfront. The COUNTRY!

    OK, yeah, I know it’s been, like, forEVer since I’ve posted anything and this is supposed to be a blog about My Crappy House, but everybody deserves a vacation, amirite? And… HELLO! CHINA! How can I not share this with you?

  • A Closet Makeover on a Budget

    My Best Friend’s Closet

    My BFF and I have been friends since we were 13 years old. I’m not even going to tell you how many years that is (because I like to pretend I’m still a kid and that would destroy the illusion), but this hair sure does have a big mouth…

    Me and Tam then

  • I Spent a Day with Habitat For Humanity

    Paying it Forward

    I never watch the news. I know. I’m a bad American. Whatever. But the news always sucks! It’s full of terrible people doing terrible things. I’d much rather focus on the good people in the world doing good things.  The people that think nothing of donating their money and time to worthy causes. The selfless people. You know, the ones who make me feel really bad for wasting my extra time on sleeping late and watching Netflix instead of helping others. Wait, why am I focusing on them again?

    Oh, right. They’re inspiring.

  • Celebrate Me

    October 3rd is National Crappy House Day! (Good thing it’s a Saturday so you don’t have to explain to your boss why you can’t go into work…) Not only is it my birthday (for reals), but it’s also my blog’s birthday as well. What a coincidence! (Hey, that’s joincidence with a “c”…)

    Copyright Theresa Thompson

  • WTF Does This Have To Do With Anything?

    When I was a kid, I used to draw all the time. I always carried a sketchbook around school, just hoping someone would ask me to see it. They’d flip through my fantastically life-like pencil drawings of celebrities (my favorite subject) and say, “Like, oh my God! These are so awesome! You’re, like, so talented!” (That’s how we talked back then.) Then I would say, “I know, ryte?” It always made me feel good. I’m an attention whore from way back…

    (Donna Martin graduates! Donna Martin graduates!…)

  • Because I Care*

    My bathroom was the first room that was completed in my crappy house. I lurve my bathroom. It’s so pretty! I really try my best to keep it that way.

    One thing that helps is the kind of toothpaste I use. Yep, I’m writing a post about toothpaste. No, I haven’t run out of things to write about. This is very important, vital information I’m sharing with you. I’m serious.

  • What a Crock!

    My crappy house has no kitchen. OK, yeah. It had a kitchen when I bought it. This charming arrangement of smelly appliances and crusty cabinets:

    Alive with bacteria, I killed it with my crowbar and buried it in a dumpster. Now, it sleeps with the fishes. Or rats, probably. Whatever.