Where Have I Been?

Let’s Get Real

In August of 2020, I told you guys that I was going to try to make a living off of My Crappy Blog because freaking COVID destroyed my (formerly) successful business and what else was I supposed to do with my time? Power watch Netflix? (Because that happened…) Shop on Amazon for things I don’t need with money I don’t have? (The delivery guy was a guest at our wedding…)

Anyway, I promised to post something new every week. And I did post something new every week, up until a few months ago when I fell off the wagon, and I think I may have twisted something because I just haven’t felt right since.

Lying on the lawn

I’m in a Funk

What I’m trying to say is I’ve been in a bit of a funk. It turns out blogging is hard. Which is fine. Things that are worthwhile are usually hard, but there are things involved with blogging that I didn’t consider.

It turns out that successful bloggers write posts about things that people are actively searching for. They answer the burning questions that people are asking. That’s a problem for me. Take this post I’m writing right now for example. Who will ever do a Google search to find out where I have been? The answer is no one. No one cares where I’ve been.

Well, you guys care, but who else?


So, this last year has been a struggle, trying to write the things that I want to write about whilst trying to write about things people will actually search for on The Google. I tried to teach you things like How to Make a Kick Ass Bow and How to Design a Closet That Doesn’t Suck, but I also wrote about nonsense (albeit hilarious nonsense) like how much I Hate Snow and Crappy House Appreciation Day (which I just now realized I missed this year. Dammit!)

I guess I tried to do this Field of Dreams style. I thought, if I blog it, they will come. But they have not come. Well, some of them have come, but not nearly enough to make a living.

Should I Quit?

So, what to do? Quit? I’ve been watching a lot (a lot) of YouTube videos about being a successful blogger this past year and one of the gurus promised me that this day would arrive. The day where I would want to pack it in because no one was coming to my blog party.

I think, maybe, people aren’t getting my invites. I think they would come if they knew there was a party. Maybe I just have to hang in there a little while longer and someone with influence will find me and tell their millions of followers how cool I am. Like… who’s the Kim Kardashian of the DIY world? Maybe the Property Brothers? Or… Chris Hemsworth?

Thor with hammer

I mean, he looks ready to DIY the crap out of something… Cuz, the hammer? The cape’s a little much.

I don’t know.

I’m Ok. Mostly.

In any case, this post isn’t for the random strangers searching for DIY answers on the world wide interwebs. It’s for you, my loyal readers who may have been wondering what the hell happened to me.

Or maybe you haven’t been wondering. I mean, you probably have better things to do. I get that. You have a life. But, in case you were wondering, I’m OK.

Yes, I fell off the wagon (I would climb back on it, but I sold it on Facebook Marketplace to pay my Netflix bill), so I’m busy building a new wagon. A better wagon. Better. Stronger. Faster. A badass super wagon that I (hopefully) won’t be falling off of any time soon. And I guess I’ll write a tutorial blog post all about it because I have to give the people what they want, right?

I guess…

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  • Judy Youssef

    Hang on in there!
    Soooo many of us have felt just like you!
    I had a zoom meeting with some of my fellow artists last night.
    We all were so smug when lockdown started…..we were artists who never had enough time to CREATE – right?
    Well…we all sat around and found any excuse not to spend any time in our respective studios – hell, I even cleaned my entire house for god’s sake!!!
    We all blamed our lethargy on The Pandemic ? and agreed that it would be different when lockdown ended.
    And is it???
    Not really. Most of us are still finding it really hard to find the way back to our creative states of mind so we’re currently all flapping about, spending waaaay too much time on Pinterest and YouTube watching other creatives create!!!

    Hopefully we’ll all gradually overcome this and that shining path ahead will beckon, our Muses will awaken and I’ll actually USE my brushes and sculpting tools rather than give them a guilty glance as I dust the workbench AGAIN!!! ?

    • My Crappy House

      Oh, the guilt! I feel it every day. There are so many productive things I could be doing that it’s just overwhelming and I end up doing none of them and feeling guilty as I watch more Netflix. It’s a sad cycle. And I can also relate on the artist level. I went to college for illustration and I used to be good at it. I saved my oil paints with intentions to keep it up. I graduated in 1998 and I think I did one painting in 1999. I haven’t opened my oil paint box since. I’ve been saying for years that I want to start drawing again and… nothing. I’m such a terrible self motivator! I’m sorry you’re going through something similar, but it’s comforting to know I’m not alone

    • Marcia

      Well I for one missed you. I’d periodically check your website to be sure I hadn’t missed anything. You just pulled off a fabulous wedding, you’ve been hitting it hard on this blog all year – I’m glad you’re taking a break. Self-care is important. I also really enjoy your writing and humor. PS – Your house is no longer crappy.

    • My Crappy House

      Thank you! I missed you too! I’m coming up on my blogiversary in a couple of weeks. Maybe I will take you on a video tour so you can see there are still some crappy parts I need to address…

  • Katherine Davies

    Well, I have certainly missed you and was wondering if all was okay, so I’m very glad to hear it (mostly) is. I’m glad you’re renewing your energy and continuing with your wonderful, very informative, very funny blog.

    What can we do to help spread the word?

    • My Crappy House

      I’ve missed you guys too! These comments have been a huge boost to my confidence and energy, so thank you for the kind words. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful people read my blog. Please keep doing that and, if you know anyone who has the same fantastic taste in blogs that you do, give them my url

  • Barbara

    I missed your humor & I hope you will continue. These are stressful times and you should do whatever feels right for you. If it’s this blog – great. If not, it’s okay. You should post on TikTok. It is a great medium for someone like you.

    • My Crappy House

      Thank you! I really do think that I just got overwhelmed. I just need to regroup and press on. I made a TikTok account, but the platform confuses me. Plus, I’m not sure I’m ready to be on camera, but I will definitely look into it. I wonder if there’s a TikTok on how to use TikTok…

  • Victoria Tims

    I know where to find you!! Is that creepy? LOL I know you will get your groove back my friend! Your new wagon is going to be spectacular!!!

  • Sue

    I love your blog and yours is one of the few that I read when I get a notification that there is a new post. Keep at it. You’ll find your niche

  • helen

    Well, I didn’t miss you! – but that’s only because I have just recently signed up. Don’t despair though, I am fairly sure you could have a successful career in stand-up if the blogging doesn’t take off. I wish you great success whatever you do.

  • Lisa Garber

    I just thought you were enjoying snuggling and nesting with the new Hubs. I have no advice for you because I’ve been a fan/follower since the early days of occasional posts and will continue to be no matter what. Another fave DIY blogger, Victoria Elizabeth Barnes, gave up blogging (I hope temporarily) beciase she was overwhelmed with sadness at the whole Covid shitshow. I miss her, too, but honestly – just take care of yourself, live in your moment, and if you have to get a job, so be it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. PS I stopped following “Addicted2Decorating” because it became painfully obvious she was panicking because the clock was ticking on her longevity; she was ripping out projects she had done only weeks before in order to have something to do/blog about. Don’t be like her.

    • My Crappy House

      Ugh. The day I actually manage to finish a project only to rip it out so I can have more to write about is the day I really do pack it all in! I aim to be really real with you guys and I’m happy to hear that I do come across that way. I’m very much WYSISYG. (A term from my graphic design days that is pronounced “whiz-e-wig” and it’s an acronym for “what you see is what you get”.) And, in the spirit of honesty, I will say that all of these kind and thoughtful comments have made me very emotional and grateful that I have such wonderful readers. Thank you for being here

  • Julia

    The reason I’ve stuck around is because you are a talented, funny, writer! You just used the word “whilst” for God’s sake! Be the Crappy House Seinfeld…you’ve got this….

    • My Crappy House

      The writing is actually my favorite part! The projects just give me crap to write about… Thank you for appreciating words like “whilst” and for the great compliments. I’m especially flattered by the Seinfeld comparison because that was a funny show about nothing and I like to think I can conjure a funny blog post about nothing

  • Diane

    Hey. You got married, right?! That takes up real estate in the time-and-energy department. Drop the stick, or at least stop hitting yourself with it.

    Sheesh, cut yourself some slack girlfriend. And why build a new wagon when you could build a sports car. Just sayin’

    Looking forward to your super-fantastic-awesome future posts.

    PS. Congrats on getting hitched!

    • My Crappy House

      Thank you! That’s true… I did expend a lot of energy leading up to the big day. I just feel bad how easy it was for me to slip. I gave myself permission to take a week off and then it turned into two, then two months had gone by before I knew it. Maybe I’ll put a seatbelt in this new wagon so I don’t fall off so easily…

  • Joan

    SHE’S ALIVE!!! I almost commented on your Instagram post last night, asking when we might be seeing a new post, so I’m glad to see this come up today! And, just so you know, *i* found your blog while looking for something online and was instantly hooked when I brought up the post that came up. So, while I wasn’t searching for YOU in particular, you came up during a search for something I WAS looking for (and, I’m pretty sure it was due to your DIY posts, as I’m sure I was looking for ideas for something for my house), so I still believe your content will still bring new readers in.

    • Marilyn

      I have missed your thoughts, sassy comments, deadpan humor, and just your ability to make me forget sucky sh- -! We are friends in “real life” so I am lucky I can text you personally or even CALL you if I’m desperate but I’ve missed the SURPRISE of suddenly seeing a post from MY CRAPPY HOUSE! I get the funk. I get the trying to please everyone all the time (my book making! I wanna make VINTAGE books NOT cutie baby books or beachy books) but I do make make them so I can SELL them and make some extra $! My secret to my SANITY is once in a while to say IM making an OLD FASHION VINTAGE GEAR FILLED STEAMPUNK BOOK and I don’t give a crap it wont sell cause I WILL LOVE IT! SO THERE! So my advise to you is take the time to think it all out and when you get back here, and I KNOW YOH WILL, we will all be here! Love you so much♥️

    • My Crappy House

      Oh, I know your work and I LOVE the books you make for yourself. Never stop making the old fashioned vintage gear filled steampunk books! We’re both in the same boat. The “RIGHT” people need to find us. A lot of people won’t appreciate what we have to offer. The problem is getting connected with the people that will. I’m going to keep blogging my way and, hopefully, more of my people will find me. These comments have been so encouraging. I clearly do have quite the tribe already and I’m so grateful. I think marketing is probably the hardest part. Here’s to our people finding us in 2022!

    • My Crappy House

      This gives me hope! I just need to lure in like a hundred thousand more people just like you! I’m happy The Google gave you one of my posts in your search results! That’s encouraging

  • Heather

    I have followed for a looong time now, and I missed you and was glad to see this post. If I am totally honest, I would also have to say long ago it became more about your humor and your writing style than the actual diy projects, so regardless of what topic, I will continue to follow you!

    • My Crappy House

      Your comment makes me so happy. For me, the DIY is just something for me to write about. The writing itself is what I really enjoy. I’m glad to know you feel the same

  • Annie

    I loved reading your blog but with a change in employment last year “I” fell of the social wagon big time. I hope you’ll be back. After reading your posts I found my dining room table (after digging through layers of filing/paperwork), hung some curtains, and began a few creative projects that I put off for way too long. I’m just now getting back to normal and have time to read, and do, things I enjoy. I hope you’ll be back!

    • My Crappy House

      Did I understand you correctly? I helped you clean? I really hope my mom reads these comments because she won’t believe me if I tell her! It means so much to know that I’ve helped you accomplish things. After all of these wonderful comments, I’m definitely not going anywhere. Thank you so much

  • Charmaine Ortega MD

    I think you are super talented and will fly again when all this confusion and chaos is over. I,too, catch myself walking around and doing what I shouldn’t be doing to avoid what I should be doing. Then I realized we are in a Pandemic and political shitshow. We need to just keep it simple and care for ourselves and gently grow. Can’t wait for instructions. Love each other and ourselves. But don’t give up. Make a new path but never give up!! Remember you are amazing and different and beautiful and the worked needs your light!! Keep shining! New lantern but same light

    • My Crappy House

      What a beautiful comment. You guys are making me cry today! This year really has been so mentally challenging. Chaos is the perfect word to describe my house and my head lately. I’m not going to give up. I’m going to machete a new path through it! Thank you

  • Laura

    Here’s why I DON”T follow blogs:
    News Flash headlines–The top 5 ways to…The best of…10 reasons to…My own top…Shop for… These are ALL rehashes of someone else’s ‘top, best, own’, nothing New, nothing Different.
    When looking for a ‘how to’ video on youtube I look for the shortest length. They have the least amount of self promotion & more of the actual answer.
    Here’s why I DO READ YOURS!:
    I like it.
    It’s funny in a wickedly sarcastic way.
    You don’t make yourself out to be an ‘expert’ on anything.
    You follow your own drummer & do what works for you.
    You admit when there’s a screw up & take action in a responsible way & make us laugh in the process.
    You don’t bombard my Inbox with daily crap I don’t need offering sale prices for items I don’t need.
    You don’t make me feel I must be stupid if I don’t have the knowledge you have that I don’t.
    I’m ‘proud for you’ (phrase stolen from a friend) when I see what you’ve accomplished when confronted with odds.
    You’re not out to impress.
    You are an AMAZING young gal just doing her thing day-to-day in this world & living her life the way life it meant to be lived.
    You are humble in your own sassy way.
    Keep on keepin’ on girl! & your ‘real’ peeps will be there beside you as friends, readers, followers or all 3.
    Uhhh, hubby, this is your cue to step in with words of affirmation & deeds of love to cover this amazing woman you married! :):):):)
    Luv in a non-creepy, internet way! LOL from Houston, TX
    p.s. I did get the tool box out of the bedroom & paid to have the bathrooms & kitchen redone! lol

    • My Crappy House

      Wow. You might have warned me I’d need tissues! My mom actually called me after reading your comment and said, “Did you see what Laura wrote to you? OMG!” (You made her cry too.) Thank you for all of your kind words and such positive feedback! I’m definitely not about to quit after receiving so much love from my readers. I am so overwhelmed by the unexpected response to this post. I am so grateful for you guys. Love right back to you in a non-creepy internet way

  • GK

    Listen, you made it to GOMI in a positive way. That NEVER happens. You’ve been on Apartment Therapy. You’ve been on Martha Stewart. Oh, wait. That was just the awesome couch you bought…(I think?).

    You are an unusual voice in the blog world. Your humor isn’t typical “I might have…”, “First the coffee, then I do all the things…” crap that’s out there. It’s real and it’s real funny. You have something that a lot of bloggers don’t have, true authenticity and a truly unique voice and story. You re-built a staircase from a nightmare from hell pull away from the wall staircase…point being, you have all the ingredients of a great blog. It’s right there in you, but you aren’t faking it for likes or views with filler crap, so of course it would be difficult to post all the time.

    How can your readers help? I’ve always believed you were big sponsorship material…what can we do?

    Also, those damn cats. You can bet your fanny I’d be clicking away at a cat post…anything! Or your wedding? Maybe just the non personal details if you don’t feel like sharing…

    Here’s the bottom line from a huge blog reader. Most bloggers have jumped the shark. They are filling their posts with random crap as they need to keep it going. I’ve unsubscribed from so many as they have naturally run out of content. You don’t give too much, just enough (ok, I’d take a bit more). We are still here because you give good content and you haven’t started painting ducks in rainbow stripes for content (if you know, you know). Hang in there and let your loyal readers know how to help grow!

    • My Crappy House

      Haha hopefully they still like me over on GOMI! They’re tough over there… When I first started, eight years ago (maybe nine?), I applied to join “Martha’s Circle”, a group of bloggers that Martha Stewart promotes. I figured I’d get more views and grow my audience. They responded that I needed 300K views a month to qualify. At the time, I had about 5… lol good times… I’m doing a little better now, but still NOWHERE NEAR 300K. At any rate, you’ve all convinced me that I just need to keep going and maybe more of my people will find me.

      You’ll be happy to know that I’m planning a post about my damn cats. (And I do mean damn cats. They’re gross.) (But I love them.) I will also definitely be posting about the wedding. There’s just so many photos to go through, I haven’t even started that one. I actually do have a bunch of content planned, but I haven’t had the energy to get my ass in gear to do the work. You guys have all given me a much needed confidence boost, so hopefully I’ll be finishing that wagon and hopping back on soon. Thank you so much!

  • Sandra

    I second and third everything that has been said already. I also have been following you for a long time (ever since you and Egor were putting up your brick wall). I was following a handful of other diy and home improvement blogs but meanwhile I have moved on (still love the occasional diy and will google and watch tutorials when needed, but don’t follow daily blogs for a while now). Your notifications however I am always excited to get – because you’re real and clever and funny, and most of all, relatable, while also a real brave badass. So, I would love to continue seeing posts from you, but more than everything I would love for you to be gentle with yourself, take whatever time you need to figure out what really floats your boat and feeds your soul! You got this!

    • My Crappy House

      Thank you so much for your kindness and patience. I don’t know what I did to deserve such amazing readers (well… except write awesome, badass content…), but I am so grateful. Clearly I do have an audience. I just need to focus on connecting with more people like you, with excellent taste in blogs, to grow that audience. I can’t believe I ever considered quitting!

  • Holly Grass

    I am right there with you. I feel like a fraud because I’m like ok I’m going to post more I have all these plans and topics….then I never post again for like 6 months. I am also struggling with ankle I even keep going.

  • Holly Grass

    Dear lord why did it auto correct should I even go ankle? Lol see maybe that’s why I shouldn’t blog I never proof read until it’s too late

    • My Crappy House

      I’m not going to quit blogging and neither should you. Even if you’re struggling with “ankle”… I’m going to stop stressing posting schedules, SEO, and core web vitals (mine suck) and just focus on the content. Writing the content is what makes me happy. Google Analytics can bite me.

  • Frances

    Well I was wondering where you’ve been! Thought maybe your were just enjoying a long honeymoon and that’s great!

    But about this creativity and accomplishment thing. I was thinking that if I’d decided to do something simple, such as walk 5 miles a day when the lockdown started, by now I would have walked about 2,700 miles. And if I had walked from my location on the east coast of Georgia to the west coast of California, I would currently be around 200 to 400 miles out in the ocean. So, for my own wellbeing I’m figuring that it’s okay that I’m not quite that focused.

    You, on the other hand, are busy building a new-fangled wagon. (Might want to make it floatable, you know, like in case you want to start walking 5 miles a day.)

    • My Crappy House

      Haha that’s a good way to look at it. You’ve saved yourself from drowning by being a little less ambitious… I’m much too lazy to every commit to walking five miles a day, but a floatable wagon isn’t the worst idea. I do live on an island…

  • Cheryl

    I have been wondering where you have been! I love your posts but I understand it is hard and you want to give up. I have been trying to make money for the last 10 years of my blog life and trying to get people to my site too! It’s hard. I have taken many a break but keep going. I have resigned to the fact I will never make money on my blog but keep going anyway! I do make a small amount on ads and if you are interested in who it is, let me know and I will send the info to you. I’m not good at SEO or coming up with great blog post names but plug along. Good luck and hang in there. Another option is I know you like thrifting. Start DIYing your thrift items to resell. That is how I make most of my money and it is fun! There are several places around my area that consign or rent space, that is an option that I’m looking into. Don’t give up!! Just reroute what you are doing!

    • My Crappy House

      It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Especially when I see so many cookie cutter blogs that just start out and seem to get tons of traffic right off the bat. I just refuse to write with Google in mind. I want to write with my READER in mind, so maybe my blog will never reach super success. If Google doesn’t like it, it won’t show up in the search results. I do have ads, but just Google AdSense. I don’t get enough page views at this point for much else. So, like you, I will keep plugging along. Maybe, eventually, people will get sick of the typical DIY blogs and drift over my way.

      I do like thrifting, but I don’t much like refinishing or selling. If I end up having to get a “real” job, I’ll probably go back to exhibit design. The industry (trade shows) is still in shambles with COVID sticking around, but it’ll come back eventually and I should be able to revive my old business. If I HAVE to…

  • Tori

    I LOVE this post! I’ve been neglecting my own blog for over a year! I need to get my butt in gear and post something to all five of my followers!! I’ve been following you for years and get excited when I see a post from you in my email, because you don’t bombard us with all the sales pitches and promotional crap other bloggers do. It’s just like getting the family newsletter at Christmas❤️ full of all the happenings and what-nots of the “crappy house”.
    @Marilyn…make those books you think no one else will want because it’s what YOU love! I did a craft booth, every.single.time. I put something in there I wanted to keep for myself- it sold. The things I put in that were geared towards what I “thought” other people would want……they sat. So make what you would buy for yourself. Make it YOURS and you just might find you a new tribe of followers, clients and even friends❤️
    Congrats on the wedding! Keep on making us laugh and bringing us those smiles when we see the next post from My Crappy House!

    • My Crappy House

      Haha I’ve been there with my five followers… Now I seem to have about 50, so I’m moving on up! Thank you for noticing and appreciating my lack of salesy crap. I really don’t want to alienate my people by trying to sell them junk they don’t need or want. I know I, personally, will unsubscribe to bloggers who keep pitching crap at me so I don’t want to become that.

      That’s awesome advice to Marilyn. She is a very close personal friend of mine (my BFFs mom), so I will make sure she sees what you wrote. Thank you!

  • Barbara H.

    All those before me have said it all and said it so well. I found you a long, long time ago (infrequent posting days) and I can only think it it must have been when I followed over from a comment you left on someone else’s blog. Did you ever do that? It’s the way I’ve found most of the blogs I follow or bookmark – they’ve left an interesting or funny comment somewhere so I click on over. Missed you but figured the wedding and after days were keeping you busy recovering – so happy when I saw the Instagram posts popping up. I’ve always figured blogging was very hard just writing the posts, figuring out what you want to say and how to do it, etc. I find it difficult to post very often on Instagram, which is actually very easy but for some reason it’s just hard to get to it. Retirement, you know – oops, no you are way too young – with all that spare time that I seem able to fill with not much visible progress. Anyway, sorry for the funk, sure do understand it, sending good thoughts your way and glad you posted.

    • My Crappy House

      I used to spend a lot of time on Apartment Therapy and was fairly active on their boards for a while, way back when I first started the blog. Maybe you found me there? Things have changed on AT, so I haven’t been there in ages now. I really do need to get my act together on Instagram. You’re right – it should be easy, but I can’t seem to get into a groove with it. I take pictures all the time. I just need to remind myself to share from time to time. And now I’m hearing that all of the socials want videos, so I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate that into my crappy “brand”. It’s all very overwhelming and when there’s so much to do, I can’t seem to pick a thing to start with so I do nothing. Next day, rinse, repeat. After all of these wonderful comments though, I know I need to keep on keeping on, so I’m working on banishing the funk!

  • Gwendylan E Tregerman

    We definitely missed you at my crappy house! I, like others, figured you were enjoying married bliss and catching up with yourself after all the work that goes into a wedding. Maybe a change of scenery could fire up the creative juices? Let me know if you want to do a CH field trip to Vermont this fall/winter (okemo area). We could blog about “my crappy backyard ice rink” or “my crappy barn.”

    Best wishes,
    Gwen T

    • My Crappy House

      Wow! Do you really have a backyard ice rink? That can’t be all that crappy… I would love to visit Vermont. I don’t think it’s in the cards for this year, but perhaps in the future! Thank you

  • Monika

    Hi, greetings from Poland! Just letting you know that you also have readers across the pond.;) I’ve been reading your blog for years, I read it whole!;) There are hundreds of blogs that have all these ‘how to’ clickbait-like articles but only few are unique, and yours is! Keep writing the way you like, not the way you think people want. We come here for your witty humour and impressive projects that are REAL! Your blog is very refreshing and it stands out in an ocean of advertising boards.;)

    • My Crappy House

      As an American, my ancestors come from everywhere, but Ancestry.com says I am over 40% Polish. Thank you so much for the reminder to stay true to myself and not worry what Google wants. I just need to get off my dupa and get busy

  • Cindy

    I have really missed you!! Like many others have said – I just figured your were recouping from the post wedding/honeymoon lows.
    I don’t give a crap what your DIY project is (well – except for the cathouse – I loved that one)! I just love your witty writing. Have you written anything longer than a blog post? I’d read a book by you all day long.

    • My Crappy House

      Oh, how I love this comment! I don’t even give a crap about the DIY projects! I just love to write. I’m so happy to hear you love to read my crap. I haven’t done any lengthy writing, but maybe one day. I’d love to be an author

  • Em Dirr

    Thank God, because if I had to read about your smelly dishwasher one more time I may have had to change my bookmarks.

    Welcome back!

    I write this SAME post in my head every month, (though I think I’m more like the Jan to your Marcia??) Then someone leaves me a comment that feeds me enough to do it again next month. Writer’s pizza.

    DO NOT STOP. Those forum bitches will find you again and there’ll be no stopping you (although you wont be able to visit the forum, haha).

    You have too much talent to stop. Write whatever you want. Bitches or not, it’ll happen for you.

    • My Crappy House

      Haha yeah, to take a break after writing about my smelly dishwasher was cruel! I could have at least left you with a cat post… (Which I am working on, btw…) I know you feel my pain on the blog front. I love your style and find you wickedly entertaining. I swear, I can’t believe we’re not both famous by now, given how hilarious we are…

  • Em Dirr

    Not trying to back and forth here (when texting would do) but it needs to be said: you are TRULY hilarious; while I am mildly amusing at best…and only on a good day or when i have wine for breakfast.

  • Barbara H.

    See, this is how it happens – read Em Dirr’s comment and your reply and had to go see for myself. And then she mentioned Carol Duvall! Probably before your time but gosh darn – now subscribed to another blog when I can’t even keep up with what’s already on my plate.

    • My Crappy House

      Hahaha Em is great! You’ll love it over there. I definitely DO remember Carol Duvall and all of those other shows she mentioned. I’ll be turning 50 in a month (she says with tears in her eyes) so I’ve been around…

      Side note: It’s quite possible some of my funk is due to turning half a century old. I’m so mad about it! I’ve decided to identify as 40.

  • Barbara H.

    50 is better than 70 and I’m beyond that latter disturbing benchmark, so there! But this seems to be a time in the world when funks and high anxiety are running loose.

  • Terri

    You’re one of the funniest bloggers I know and you painted your front door the same color that I have on my front door. My house is painted wooden peg by Sherwin Williams. Love the pop of color on the door. Keep up with the blogging and don’t settle for a “real job”. You can do this. : )

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