• Curb Appeal

    Let’s start by getting it out of the way. You know… that business where I apologize for how long it’s taken me to post and then I promise that I’ll do better and then you forgive me, knowing that I probably won’t do better, but you love me so much that you’re willing to stick with me no matter what? Yeah, you know. So…

    I’m sorry. I’ll do better. Forgive me? Yeah, you do… Friends forever!

    And now that we have that unpleasantness out of the way, let’s catch up, shall we? It’s been a while… (Because of course it has!)

    When we last did the blog thing, I told you all about installing vinyl siding on my crappy house. (Read about it here if you missed it.) Schmoopy and I killed that project, but if you remember, I told you I left Schmoo to work alone while I moved to the front of the house to focus on a mysterious project by myself.

  • Installing Vinyl Siding

    Siding effects include decreased house crappiness

    My crappy house has been naked for seven years. That is a looong time to be naked. Truly a testament to the durability of Tyvek house wrap! (No clue wtf house wrap is? I linked it there for you. You’re welcome.) So, not naked actually. More like 7 years in underwear…

    If you remember (It’s OK if you don’t. You have a life.), the whole back and sides of my house had to be replaced when I bought it because water had found its way in. If you’re interested (totally get it if you’re not), those posts are here and here, but here’s a reminder…

  • Choosing and Installing Backsplash Tile

    I’m BACK (splashed) baby!

    Hello, friends! It’s me! You remember, right? It’s… you know… ME! I know it’s been a while, so I’ll go ahead and reintroduce myself. I am Princess Spackle of House Crappy. Once upon a time, I wrote amazingly witty blog posts for your enjoyment and then, I went missing without explanation. (The kids call it “ghosting”.) But, the good news is I did not die! Not that there were any rumors or anything, but really, how would you know? So, whew. Still alive. And hey, we didn’t break up or anything. I still love you. You still love me. (Yeah, you do…) So let’s just put that whole nasty ghost business behind us, shall we? We have lots of crap to catch up on! I’ve missed you!

  • A Peacock Blue Dining Room

    All of the Peacock Blues

    Yes. I know. It’s been a while. And where the hell have I been? Don’t I know people are waiting for a post? Do I even care about their disappointment? How selfish am I that I’ve deprived my followers of… well, of me! For months?! Turns out, pretty freaking selfish. I haven’t even thought about you guys… like, at all. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of my summer. Consequently, I haven’t done all that much on my crappy house. Lucky for you, I did finish my pretty, Peacock Blue dining room before the summer even started. I was just too lazy to write about it.

    Hey, remember this?

    peacock blue swatches painted all over walls

  • My Bitchin’ Kitchen: Part II

    I promise this is the last time I’m ever going to post this picture of my (not really a kitchen, but doing its best impersonation of a) kitchen. Have I ever mentioned I lived FIVE YEARS with this set up? I feel like I must have told you that at some point…


  • My Kitchen Remodel

    My Bitchin’ Kitchen: Part I

    I have been planning my kitchen remodel for a looooooong time. It’s been more than five¬†years with this crappy set up where a kitchen should be:

  • Installing a Wood Floor Over a Sub Floor

    Feature Welcome to Crazy Town

    The Fantastic Floor

    When choosing something big for my home, I will inevitably go on a journey. One that takes me down a secluded winding road, through a scary forest, under a barbed wire fence, over a stream of lava, past a dragon, to a place called Crazy Town.

  • Installing Slate Tile: Welcome to DIY Hell

    Slate Sucks.

    The surest way to guarantee that I will tackle a project myself is to tell me I should not be tackling that project myself. Tell me it’s super difficult. Tell me it’s not for the DIYer. Tell me only very experienced people should try it. Flat out tell me that I can’t do it and I want to prove that I can do it all the more. I know. I have issues. I don’t know WTF my problem is.

    Everyone and their mother (and the Home Depot tile guy) told me I should not be installing slate tile by myself.

    I did it anyway.

    And I cried the whole time.