• Painting White Trim Dark Looks So Good

    Come to The Dark Side

    Do you ever fantasize about painting your boring, white trim a really dark color? I mean, white trim has its place, sure, but sometimes it just feels so… meh. So… ordinary. I don’t know about you, but I prefer extra-ordinary. Actually, scratch the ordinary part. I prefer extra. Painting white trim dark is totally extra. For our purposes, in this post, that’s a good thing.

    Nay, a great  thing.

    Check out the bold, glossy, black trim in my extra dressing room, below. (No, not an extra dressing room. I don’t have two dressing rooms. I’m not a Kardashian. We literally just established what extra means in this post. Try to focus, please.)

    Green and pink dressing room with zebra rug and black painted trim

  • How to Clean a Room When You’re Gross

    Clean kitchen with messy island

    Cleaning Advice From a Certified Slob

    Well, who can believe this? Who do I even think I am, trying to give you tips on cleaning? You guys know I’m a slob. (Remember my office?) While it’s true that I am totally gross, cleaning a room and keeping a room clean are two very different things. I know I’m the last person you would ever expect to get this advice from, but I actually do know how to clean a room really well. I’ve got a method… And, this week, I’m sharing that method with you. You’re welcome.

    How to clean your house before picture

  • Building an Outdoor Cat Shelter, Part III

    building cat shelter feature image

    Won’t you take me to… Crazy Town?

    Why, yes. Yes, of course, I’ll take you to Crazy Town. Let’s go!

    (This post is the last in a multi-part series about building a cat shelter. If you’re just joining me, you’ll want to start here, at the beginning. I promise, it’ll be worth it. I’m an excellent writer.)

    The day has finally come! It’s our last trip to Crazy Town. (For this project, I mean. I go to Crazy Town all the time. I’m a regular. I’ve got a time share. It has a guest room, so you can come too.) Anyway, my outdoor cat shelter is finally done, in all its crazy glory, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

    Right meow.

    Egor lying on back thought bubble

  • Building an Outdoor Cat Shelter, Part II

    Cat Shelter II Feature Image

    I’m Not Kitten Around Over Here…

    For the last six weeks, I’ve been spending much of my time in Crazy Town working on building that pawesome outdoor cat shelter I mentioned last month. If you don’t know wtf I’m talking about, you need to go read The Plan post right meow. I’ll wait…

    Entering Crazy Town_1000px

    I know it feels like furever ago that I told you about my plan to build a house for my stray cats, but the time has finally come for me to share it with mew. Um, you. This is “The Build” post!

  • How to Make Art with Copper

    Copper art chandelier

    It’s Another Really Cool Copper Technique

    Looking for a last minute holiday gift? This post won’t help you. I mean, I guess you could do it if you had the time, but, seriously, who has the time? It’s the middle of December! Hanukkah is half over and Christmas is less than two weeks away. Maybe someone you know has a birthday in January. (Or maybe, like… April?) Anyway, timing be damned! In this post, I’m going to show you how to make art with copper and you’re going to love it…

    Chandelier copper art framed front view

  • How to Make a Kick Ass Bow

    how to make a bow

    Holiday Bows, Yo

    At the beginning of September, my local craft store started selling pre-made Christmas bows for fifteen bucks a piece. Now, I ask you: Who is the crazy person spending fifteen bucks on a freaking bow? Is it you? Be honest. This is a safe space. You can tell me. Do your bows look like this?

    bad bow looks like roadkill

    Yeah, OK. I see why you’d drop fifteen bucks on a bow. I mean, that’s pretty pathetic. It’s like ribbon roadkill. I guess you really do suck at making bows. But, don’t despair. I know how to make a kick ass bow and, today, I’m going to show you how to make one too.

  • Building an Outdoor Cat Shelter, Part I

    Future outdoor cat shelter

    Helter Shelter

    This week, I’m working on building an outdoor cat shelter for our strays. It’s going to be purrfect! I fully expect to be the talk (meow?) of the kitty neighborhood with this little cat crib. I found a bunch of ideas online, but none of them spoke (meowed?) to me, so I decided to design my own. Hey, how hard can it be?

    Egor in the cooler ice chest

  • How to Install Drawer Faces

    Dressing Room_FEATURE_560px

    It’s a Dressing Room Update!

    I write a lot of fantastic posts (Hey, that’s why you’re here, right? That, and my charming personality…), but one of my favorite posts has to be the one that’s all about my dressing room. (If you haven’t read it, please go do that now. I promise you, it’s worth the click. Seriously. Come back here when you’re done.) In that ridiculously entertaining post, I talked about how to install drawer faces, but I’m going to get into even more detail in this post because THIS (*pause for dramatic effect…*) is a dressing room update.

    Dressing Room_Main Picture_1000px